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What can be done with wordpress

Who's in the room

LCSC needs a new website. people who have build wordpress sites and manage content.

people who have had sites built for them in wordpress. Are interested in collaboration on wordpress and how to marry a wordpress site with a mobile app.

They have a an app for oakland school police department complaints built in codequa. How to redirect

People who need transition from wordpress.com to wordpress .org

People who develop wordpress sites.

People who needs to circumvent buearocracy in their organization to control their wordpress site. Template jumpers.

The wordpress ecosystem

wordpress is a pice a open source software that's development is driven by a company called automatic. They run a multi site installation

Wordpress .org you can buy space on a server

go daddy or dreamhost that let install wordpress from the channel

Managed hosting

you pay a little bit more a month and you get optimized servers for wordpress. They take care of security holes and lock down other areas. If you can find extra money to get managed hosting,


WP-engine Pressable Pantheon palely - it will probably save you money in the long run. There can also be a performance benefit. They often offer managed backups. Something else you get with a managed host if a staging environment where you can test things like plugins out before you implement it on the live site.

If you are migrating from com to org you should export your content throughout he wp export function, get a temp url and create a new wordpress install on the new server with the temp url and build the new site there. Then point the url to the new server.

Different options for custom themes. You can do something totally custom which can be good cause you can get what you want, but it can be bad cause if your developer is coding in a super customized way other developers main not be able to come in help you later. So make sure that your developer is using well established industry standard themes or frame works Woo themes, twitter bootstrap

Theme forest and downloading custom themes

Think about whether is meets your needs and will be meet your needs in the future. If you want to change something simple it can often take a very long time to change a complicated bloated theme. However, if the theme is more simply, elegantly written it can be much easer to change to meet your needs. So have someone take a look at the code.

however if you see a theme you like use it

wrap-bootstrap is a general website themes. Just html and css themes. You can just load them up on wordpress , but it can be much less expensive to take a template like that and make it work for your wordpress site. Look for a template that fits your content.

There are themes that purport to let you do anything you want. Examples: Weaver, Suffusion


not as great with as application platform Integration with civi-crm is complicated, but it's getting there

Dos and Don'ts

When you are trying out plugins and you abandon some of them DELETE THEM. Even if they inactive they create vulnerabilities. Not all plugins are created equal - avoid plugin that have not been updated in a long time or doesn't seem to have any support. Update, update, update

Wordpress support group every Friday in Oakland $10 and all your questions are answered.