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I will...

I will refocus my projects

I will contact Amanda for data maps and sergio for data for follow up

I will send my juvenile justice data source list to folks who asked for it

I will come to the next tech summit

I will get involved more with the workshop

I will map out my work for the next 3 months

I will contact JC for help with Linux

I will shop TechSoup

I will use Javier's templates to get organized

I will manage my managers!

I will do practice what I learned

I will get more projects

I will folow up to support emerging non-profit/organizaing leaders I met here

I will work on self-care

I will use a publishing matrix

I will actively keep in touch with those who want to collaborate (Misty, JC, Chavez)

I will actively spread the word (Fam, Friends)

I will contribute more tolls and resources for nonprofits

I will come back next tech fest

I will create a checklist regarding meaningful voluntear opps

I will send Bobby radical literature

I will be committed to have more secured passwords

I will send communication templaes to participants

I will respond to my emails

I will follow up w/ DHF for collaborative work to help the central valley

I will use all resources and knowledge to the best of my ability

I will succeed

I will research open source tech

We should...

We should be team buiding and growing

We should start a facebook group

We should build org capacity before bringing new projects

We should once a month virtually eet and update on progress and ask for assistance

We shoudl meet up more often

We should use this space at La Paz in the future

We shoud make a CA Nonprofit Tech video

We should get quarterly updates via email on the group and work

We should do more mapping projects w/in youth media orgs

We should have an Aspiration Tech event in Watsonville

We should have more events here at Villa La Paz

We should share notes w/ the group

We should continue having this type of retreat/fests

We should keep in touch more

We should have another event like this one

We should turn up

We should work on healing and team building

We should do more multi-lingual/bilingual/non-english dominant session

We should meet again, stay in touch with those who can offer support. WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Make a TechSummit FB group for tips and info sharing

We should have an event page so we cn stay in contact with each other

We shoud know each other more

We should come back to the central valley