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Choosing a Platform

  • test content compatibility with platform
  • What do users have to download to tune in?
  • How strong on an internet connection do users need? How likely is your intended audience to have that strong of connection?
  • Audio stability testing
  • Computer compatibility (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Testing script to make sure you can do what you want, before buying
  • Language Accessibility – pre & post emails in other languages?

Setting Learning Goals

  • How is the learning enhanced by live online participation?
  • Promote who is highlighted or presenting– tag people in tweets
  • what makes it better than a video/podcast?
  • Ask people what they want to know? before & during

Promotion & Outreach

  • Pre-registrations?
  • use exciting buzz words to promote (ecosystems words work in other contexts)
  • Try different times & days for the webinars, iterate on what works
  • Prep materials to engage with people i.e. Try it! Read it! Chance to ask questions!
  • Huge reach (lots of followers, lots of fans, large email lists) really help
  • Best as a part of a larger campaign – fit into a larget context, not just one off
  • Advanced notice & good timing for content are key
  • Use social media – tag people

The Content

  • Ask people what they want to learn
  • S.A.V.I. Learning – Somatic (physical, doing), Auditory, Visual, Intellectual (lecture)
  • Presenters MUST have personality!
  • Compelling topics – people stories
  • Ask people to generate questions while you present
  • Instruct to come with questions – “bring 2 & get at least 1 answered”
  • End with a call to action, can be effective
  • What if we keep it short, like TED? 15 mins... experiment
  • Send people away with links & activities then let them come back... experiment
  • Triple Tell 'em – Tell 'em what you are going to tell 'em, Tell 'em, Tell 'em what you told 'em
  • Value add interactive piece
  • Not so good for “how to use tools” - youtube videos work for that
  • Share links & resources through out

Follow Up

  • Get feedback! What worked?
  • Send recording & survey
  • Survey upon exit
  • Include polling throughout presentation
  • Send materials
  • Assessment testing for effectiveness

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