Video editing: Shoot to edit

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Shoot to Edit Workshop Notes Thursday, April 3, 2014 2pm

It is critical to think about how you are going to capture the footage you need for your project, and how you are going to edit to produce the final video.

Before you begin shooting, you have to have a clear picture of what you want to produce.

3-5 minutes (under 5 minutes) is the ideal length for keeping people's attention.

Emotion is a powerful element -- success is the most engaging emotion.

You and your team should spend a lot of time in pre-production and planning, but the actual production should be straightforward so you don’t.

Development Workflow

  • Framing/developing message
  • Crafting a call to action
  • Identifying who’s your audience -- who will view it
  • Editing in a concise and compelling way


  • Media releases -- especially with youth
  • Audio -- royalty free, creative commons, free music archive
  • Photos -- creative commons, google image search (with CC filter)
  • b-roll -- visual images that break up ‘talking heads’