Using still Images

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  • What are the images going to be for.
  • Whats the support.
  • you should always have good images, 20x30.
  • When someone sees the photo they have to know whats happening.
  • You have to know whats happening.
  • Take a lot of pictures because you can only use two of them.
  • You would want peoples face so you can relate to them.
  • You wont want a picture for always.
  • If your photo is short you wont want it for always.
  • You can put a caption on a picture but not on a brochure.
  • When you are using a picture to get grants you woulduse the chessies pictures.
  • People are giving more because they know they are changing kids lifes.
  • Show people what youths are doing.
  • People love sucess storys.
  • If the material is for donors show your organisation and your number and you tell a story so they can listen to you.
  • Give credit to the person who tools the photo.
  • Who helps them and what did they achieve just from a photo.