User Centric Tech Processes

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  • Dont separate digital inclusion in design for users
  • Ask "do people even want to do this?" when creating an app/platform.
  • Understanding user needs and what they are using right now (and not using).
  • Acknowledge what cant be done through tech.
  • Prototyping - many different levels, from start to finish
  • Start with the goal. (What is it?).
  • User testing (+observing this)
  • self testing, understanding your skill level
  • ERR on simplicity.
  • Figure out, document, articulate what the literal things are that want to accomplish.
  • Relationship with users are the beginning of design for users.
  • Remember before you were here you were a user.
  • Watch people use you tool.
    • have them talk through
      • what they are doing
      • they're seeing
      • they miss


  • What do you want to do?
  • how would it help your work?
  • When you are hiring a techie or a designer


  • What is the simplest/ cheapest way to solve this problem?
  • manage expectations of changes later
  • You can always add more later
  • dont do/ build everything at once
  • validate simple ideasfirst
  • get a second opinion.
  • When you do custom you need a plenup.
  • think about total cost over long term.