The role of content in achieving your mission Fresno 2018

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“As of 2017, Creative Commons supports a different way of doing the Internet -- a way that is more open, collaborative, and human. Creative Commons equips people with the tools to unlock creativity and knowledge, and form powerful communities to advance this collective good.”

Do you have an online content strategy?

  • To have a presence, social media, website

Social media

  • recruitment
  • Distinct populations: youth, caregivers, donors

Different sites speaking to different populations Social media Challenges Caregivers are spanish speaking… translation/language Youth speaking.. Self serving Reach digitally and physically

  • Offline content to rural populations

Different media formats Procuring content… local content providers, e.g. Iran Identifying what content we can use Adapting to local communities

  • Diffuse orgs vs centralized..

Food business -- empowering customers to share Centralized content strategy..

  • How to put information on site in a way that makes sense
  • Sharing youth perspectives, resources, stories…

Social media…

  • Internet access is an issue
  • Print is still a really strategic way… media and rural desert..

Print is making a comeback Print also important for foster youth

  • Website is more for statewide partners
  • Bilingual content
  • Fundraising..
  • F2f events..

Workshops on daca, sanctuary things Youth will go out and do coverage… instagram stories… visuals.. Quick Q&A with person leading workshop.. They do it on our account and then repost on their individual accounts

  • Radio station
  • Same tv channel every night..
  • Social media -- unless put out by influencer… not super successful

Budget… to experiment with ads… on social.. Media,. Peers, celebrity.. Influencers -- food space.. One thing we have done is find someone who has influence in that… giving them free service and work with them to develop content

  • Information about laws..
  • Online campaigns

Youtube series, website, instagram account

  • Bus ads in LA..
  • Reporting network… we bridge complaints from community to where they are actually supposed to go
  • We’ve built stuff, tools and resources… but we have a problem advertising it..
  • Salton sea -- environmental justice.. Youth who lives next to the sea have health issues

They’ve decided to re-own stories about what’s happening…

  • Knowledge sharing… data monitors -- data/research… how to connect

Only share on the website

  • Old school phone calls.. To get youth to events

If you get a phonecall or a text, you show up $/stipends Childcare Free food Gift cards Free transportation Trusted person contact

  • Facebook live, instagram live, twitter live

Good way to connect with people

  • Zines… print.. This never went away

  • Podcast… local radio station.. Ucsc..
  • Orientations, events… tell personal stories..
  • Flyers.. Canvasing… f2f outreach
  • Digital is most interesting when integrated with a live event

E.g. hashtags on the screen

What are your goals wrt sharing content, media?

  • Recruit new students
  • What about beyond info sharing? Engagement with or creation of content by community

Webinars -- biggest influencing thing… policy team in sacramento. Opp for people to weight back in and give two cents. Instagram stories… they get paid to do content creation, event coverage… covering city council meeting,. Roundup of photos from X region/community… happens every week at a certain moment in time.. Gets a lot of interaction Summer photo contests.. Ask people to use the hashtag Training -- leveling up program --- Apprentice, reporter, mentor Open to anyone in community

  • Where and how do you end up sharing?

Website Social media archive?

What is the best possible outcome of sharing your work?

  • Don’t know what to search for sometimes… has someone already developed it?
  • Discovery..

Spend hours trying to find it in the first place.. Google is starting point Web archive Querying people in my field… emailing colleagues, events like aspiration

  • Other kinds of media -- there is no flickr for nonprofit resources

Training materials with annotation Research, studies for grants.. This did and did not work We ran this study and this is what it showed us.. Historical data within the org…

  • Foundation funded repositories...foundations might be the most open to this…

Platform for nonprofit resources.. They ask for all this data for grants… how to get it to come back the other way?

  • Dif resources from dif websites -- web archiving?
  • Expand reach when platforms are constantly changing the algorithms…

E.g. facebook, instagram.. Email… maintain that direct line..

  • Internal systems… investment… eg. salesforce, nation builder..

Google analytics..

  • Magic wand

Reach the right people Making people aware of resources that they have impact Equal access to education Using tech to empower people and build relationships A way to find out when others in the communities have the same ideas/projects.. How to connect up.. Have them find us.. And us find them Live way to connect up different parts of the event.. Live events are the zeitgeist right now.. Archiving? We just use the platforms we use… How can you turn off and on archiving livestream… Have student work for portfolio Facebook live interview -- saves automatically on page Instagram -- you can save sories.. To your phone..

  • Ideas

cc cert for nonprofits, social justice

Given CC’s current value proposition, what role should we play beyond licensing of content*? What happens after content becomes open and enters the commons? What more can or should happen, and how do you think CC can help?

We have some ideas -- search/discovery, training to enable more reuse -- but we'd love to hear from those in room.

content - photos, art, think pieces, research, education, games, 3D design, virtual & augmented reality, music, sounds, virtually anything & everything copyrightable...