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My Personal Project Management Tools

Report Backs

  • Manage expectations
  • Write it down. Write it down. Documentation is critical to your success as a project manager.

Technology project management with a community organizing model

  • How to hold self more accountable
  • Prioritizing
  • Remote coordination
  • Social justice lens on tech and how tech gets done. Tech is loaded with power relations.
  • Project management letting those receiving service to control own destiny. Articulate own needs, facilitate the development.
  • Overarching humility, must work in service. Empathy
  • Techie is the wrong person to manage project
  • Must be able to view world through others’ eyes
  • Passive aggressive tool
  • Community about building leadership and federated ownership
  • Primary job of project manager should be that of a storyteller - folkloric or mythological. Dialog
  • Start with a story, evil force and good force
  • Problem statement and solution statement
  • Importance of language - disciplined control
  • Smallest number of carefully chosen words to characterize it
  • Power of language done right, danger of language done wrong
  • Keep wires warm, keep lines open
  • Alert everyone of regular updates and always keep to schedule
  • Use tool everyone already uses
  • Know your audience and meet them in their cultural place of norm
  • Include everyone throughout development
  • Be accountable even when behind schedule
  • Transparent and accountable
  • All resources are findable
  • Radically transparent - without being noisy
  • Accountability - trust
  • Make reports fun and or entertaining
  • Be Self-Deprecating
  • Non-sexual “flirting”
  • “Write shit down”
  • Be a manager of critical path project assets
  • “Savior solution”
  • If you give someone something for free, they won’t value it
  • Accountable to users - ask them, Downstream stakeholders
  • Your manager, Upstream stakeholder. Lower expectations to always exceed them

Order out of chaos, and asking for support

  • Third party vendor - lie about budget and deadline
  • Different internal, external, and conceived dates
  • Cut out features instead of - Minimum Viable Product. Agile narrative, ship early, ship often. Ship early product and get feedback to build feelings of ownership with stakeholders
  • Project management platforms - simplicity and ubiquity is key