Supporting journalists in adverse conditions

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  • Mexico City; women; journalists
  • How to start telling stories in a different way
  • Something trendy but powerful is collaboratives
  • 5 ELEMENTS to be safe in journalism:
    • Ethics
    • Security - understand surroundings
    • Digital Security- what can my device provide? Resources?
    • Emotional Security
    • Legal Security
  • How to interview victims
  • How to use silence
  • Putting notes on side
  • Not triggering
  • Allow yourself to cry
  • Be open and in touch with your and the interviewees emotions--bring empathy
  • Identify what questions you have and which answers were best
  • Your place as a journalist is solely writing with the intent of neutrality. Readers figure it out themselves.
  • When solely talking about everything wrong, you don’t give solutions
  • How do you present a question asking about solutions without being out right.
  • Escalation
  • How do you not write repetitively in a way that normalizes violence or the issue?
  • Make yourself a checklist of questions of questions and signs for journalism
  • Example:
    • How am I affecting the interviewee? What are some signs?
    • What are signs for when I’m too affected by a topic?