Social media: How to grow in social networks

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Non-profit goals for using social media

  • Policy advocacy (signing petitions etc)
  • Engaging community via conversations that impact community
  • Raising awareness of issues / Sharing information
  • Fundraising

Challenges to consider

  • What is the return of social media? How does social media create Impact?
  • What are the outcomes we want to see by using social media?
  • Social media is corporate driven; advertisement
  • Social media management might not be staff interests; would rather be physically interacting with community
  • How much of the social media interaction might translate to bodies on ground (at events)? SM used as tool to organize.


  • Search/ Google “best practices of fundraising using social media”
  • Use facebook to engage volunteers; run volunteer days / tag people on photos so that it is viewable by their friends
  • Use Twitter to reach corporate donors; thank/ tag publicly
  • Use facebook url to connect and post on Twitter; can be tracked & measured on Facebook to see engagement
  • Thank followers/ supporters publicly
  • Use corporate best practices if they work, branding with logo etc
  • Use graphics on Facebook… really popular; increases engagement (likes & comments); broadens scope more followers because people are sharing

Who is the giving community? How can your social media audience be donors?

Give ownership to community

  • Give people opportunity by asking them
  • Tell donors what they are giving to
  • Make it EASY! Don’t make it too much work. 1 step vs 5 steps
  • Make it attractive
  • Memes really attractive with bitly link; some organizations have experienced that donation links are NOT too popular on/from Facebook
  • Follow-up with personalized thank you written and verbal; calls via calling tree really affective
  • Resource Raising vs Fund Raising: Resource Raising can be volunteer time or in kind donations that increase capacity and infrastructure of organization; non-cash support can be quantified
  • Facebook good for engaging people to “take another step”
  • Get/Share information such as reading an article
  • Take an action on emergency
  • Sign Petitions (3rd highest action); then users tweet about it or share it