Revamping a Nonprofit Website Case Study

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Website Development & Re-Development

Talk to Aspiration about how to build the website.

In developing RFP:

  • Decide who your audience is—potential donors, EJ advocates, policy makers, community members, funders, advocates, media (you can invite these users to be a part of an advisory committee)
  • Survey monkey: what you are using our website for? What do you wish was there?
  • Facebook: hey we are revamping our website what would you like to see?

Pages: Data that provides information of use to community based organizations (water boards, resident, etc)

User Stories: put yourself in the shoes of people using your website

  • Develop a spread sheet that categorizes users: (Gunner has a template that can be used by CWC to develop an RFP—fill out
    • there is a list of things that would be included under each category

for example:

  • Residents:
    • Download community guide
    • Find data on communities
    • Find resources available to local water board
    • View latest press releases
    • Learn about programs

Columns include:

  • User Story
  • Story Detail
  • Comment Priority
  • Notes

User: defines who comes to the website (looking to access information, register for an event)

  • what specific information are they seeking when they visit the site
  • View latest press releases
  • Learn about programs

Content Manager: People managing content are also user story. Need to tell the developer what we as a content manager need to be able to do with the website.

  • be able to enter content
  • set it up to be shared- Share This icon—widgets (piece of code you plug in to website)
  • Eligible for RSS feed
  • compatible with all the browsers (Google chrome)
  • Integrating stuff: signing up for newsletter
  • archiving newletters
  • media: print to PDF
  • links must be checked quarterly

A proprietary website—can only be edited by the person who made it (closed source)

WordPress: open source--you can update content

Style Guide for staff:

Best Websites

  • Changelabsolutions.or
  • PreventionInstitute
  • Pacific Institute
  • Drop down menus guide traffic
  • White space is nice
  • Crisp
  • Simpler
  • Google analytics help inform you about what pages on your site are being used the most.
  • Driving people to your site to download information
  • Rotating banner