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This is a list of resources generated by the participants of the event

What is it?, Where can we find it?, Why is it helpful?

  • Idealware reports,, overview of non-profit-focused software tools
  • Greenlining Social Media Toolkit,, how to use social media in adv
  • Nonprofit Bootcamp Oct 2nd SF + Networking Reception + Social Media Nonprofits Conference Oct 3rd SF, #NPBC14 / #SMANP Also meetup: SFTECH4GOOD.
  • Nonprofit Tech Conference Austin TX March 3-6 2015, #15NTC, 1500+ participants/ amazing resources/ fun/ well organised
  • Book: Accidental Techie Supporting Managing + Maximizing Your Nonprofits Tech by Sue Bennet, Anywhere but Amazon
  • Beth Kanters Blog,, Social media resources
  • Design Action Web questionaire,, questions to ask yourself when planning a website.
  • Book: Contextual Design, your local indie bookstore, user centered design methology design.
  • Jakob Nielsons usability resources/principles,, articles etc. on usability (web+other)
  • Everett Program Tech Labs,, Choose the tech skill you wanna learn and go furth!
  • Help a reporter out, online/email, reporters send requests 3 times/day for you to help them with their stories.