Relationships between Companies and Communities

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  1. time
  2. 1 to 1, 1 to many, many to many, many to 1
  3. Purpose - purpose, mission
  4. work environment

types of interactions

  • a conversation
  • inviting a member to come join
  • connecting people through email sharing or list

Example: Fundraising (things you would want to gather from) 1 > many

  • name
  • email address
  • ?phone number?
  • financial data
  • professional status
  • personal interest
  • donor history
  • age
  • engagement history

What does it mean for a funder relationship to grow:

  • recognizing connection to you
  • donating
  • participating
  • volunteering
  • speaking publicly about their involvement
  • thank them, appreciate them
  • asking for input/opinion and listen
  • knowing what kind of input to give
  • showing people how their donation was used

What does it mean for a personal relationship to grow:

  • shared history
  • dependability
  • patience - boundaries - need
  • trust
  • non-judgement
  • being able to be yourself
  • learning things
  • support
  • vulnerabilty

What are the ways these two lists inform one another?

What are you exchanging in the funder/fundee relationship?

How did acquire financial data?

Did you buy it or did you ask them?

  • Trust in how donations are used
  • knowing communication preferences
  • Past donations
  • Answer: Why this matters to you?
  • Resources about you work

Fields that you might want on your official donor datasheet

  • Name - institutional intermediary
  • connect info (email or carrier pigeon)
  • communication preference
  • Physical proximity
  • donor history
  • what motivated you to give
  • change in relationship

What kind of ssl certificates are there

  • https now is a really good resource


  • wildcard ssl - if you have sites have sites in multiple servers that's like $500
  • single domain ssl - $75


  • Crypto by Steven Levy