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Photography 101: How to Capture and Frame Good Shots

Discussion: The rule of thirds in photography layout. Pleasing. Higher end, want to put the eyes, closer in the chin is in lower.

Thirds in Landscapes, use thirds to layout horizons, trees, subjects in landscape. bring horizon line into top third. Sky to ground ratio. Visual representation is combined with subject movement in photo.

Framing & cropping -> streamlines the photo to capture most important focus of photo.

Event photography is different than planned photographs/arranging subjects. At Events, you’re thinking on your feet. Capture first, then crop. What should be more prominent in the photo? Using colors, visual lines, merges to draw you to the most striking feature and powerful message that you are trying to convey through visual image.

High quality cameras are great, but you can take amazing photos with your phone. Especially unanticipated photo opportunities. You can use just about anything as a flash filter. Different filters produce different effects: placing in front of flash, use tissues, red plastic, fingers, clear spoons, etc.

Each photo tells its own little story. If you understand the rules enough of good photography layout, you can break the rules for unique and positive effect.

Watch for mergers in layout - example: two headed giraffe! Incorporate words within photo imagery. Different effect for varied needs.

Useful editing apps/available tools:

  • Colorstory
  • Pixar
  • InstaFit2
  • Repost
  • Lightroom
  • VSCO
  • Snapseed


  • Photo-stance: Physical stance, being still , hands steadied on sides, *timing of breathing
  • Settings: ISO 200-400
  • Shutter speed: 1/200
  • Aperture: 1.2 (if possible, if not 1.8)
  • Tri-Pods are your best friend. Also mono-pods are really versaltile.
  • GET CREATIVE! You can find an amazing shot anywhere you are. Find beauty and power in your everyday surrounding
  • Cover your bases:

Take all the shots that you need that no-one else is looking for. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission!

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