Peer sharing for trainers

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Second afternoon session w/ Beth Kanter

Capacity Building WTF?!

Empowering young people to be change makers, use tools and methodologies to amplify their voices and empower and mobilize their own communities.

Employing effective train-the-trainer model to be able to allow youth to lead and sustain their own change.

Helping staff adhere to changes, processes and procedures that are effective as well as giving them skills, tools and resources that staff can take them with them when they leave.

How do you get staff buy-in?

Face to face conversations with leaders and partners

Learn about folks, their needs and interests

Employ active listening skills and narratives to help provide context and rationale

Find the influencers in the organization to help other staff adapt and accept change

Capture success statements and share them

How do I become a more successful consultant?

There are 3 types of Consultants: pair of hands, expert for hire, process consultant--leaving you stronger than when you started

Landscape Analysis for your field, the work that you offer, your type of expertise so that you have a point of negotiation for the rate of your services.

Develop a Project Plan with various options either by amount of hours scoped, duration of the work, pricing customizations to ensure that you get paid.

How to maintain decorum as a facilitator when dealing w/ difficult participants

  • Write-up guidelines, rules of engagement, or ground rules to create safe space
  • Pay attention to body language, personal asides, skepticism
  • Find ways to engage them with their skepticisms and disagreements