Paying for Tech

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  • Aspiration offers business coaching and proposal vetting
  • tech minimalism- when in doubt, leave it at
  • no such thing as a self-maintaining tool
  • free tools you are the product: data responsibility
  • knowing who is maintaining/owning your content
  • model for shit hitting the fare
  • control fixed monthly costs
  • evaluate $5 vs @500 monthly hosting costs
  • a lot of how you pay is time
  • tech is a garden, requires wedding
  • beep a spreadsheet of recurring costs
  • no magic budget for tech
  • pizza delivery pathology:
    • cook me a pizza and deliver
    • tech leadership is understanding costs
  • trust trustworthy people
  • Aspiration helps with grant proposals
  • get funders excited about impact
  • wrap up tech in impact narrative
  • funders dont know what tech costs.
  • NPOs bottom line = survival, efficiency
  • multiply what you think: $10 --. $15k
  • 5 paths: eric leland
    • Drupal:
  • cost-sharing: be cautious of divergent needs/priorities
    • make a solid document that outlines how decision get made
    • lot
  • every decision: are we maximizing control over our destinz
    • long term contracts dont do it
  • have the divorve convo before signing a contract (again control is your data)
  • open source! Use it! It is social just technology subverts.
  • impact measurement:
    • heat: pageviews, clicks, trends, referral --. gratitude
  • dont overpromise to funder, consider what funder can contribute
  • negotiation: have other party to make first bid