Our relationship with our data

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Responsible Data Stwewardship

  • forget about tech and focus on data
  • data is your digital power
  • tech is about the platform

analogy of car aesthetic vs. carbon footprint

data requires focus and real learning

getting supporters in the data vs. what do we need to track about our supporters

2004 youtube didnt exist; 2012 youtube hhelped decide who got elected

2004 facebook didn't exit; 2016 Facebook got us trump

Home assistants alexa, google home. record conversation even when not prompted

  • We don't understand how vulnerable our data makes us
  • Losing and losing fast when it comes to our data
  • We are opting in to give up our digital power
  • Resist in small ways
  • Do not install apps on your phone that you don't absolutely need
  • If it's free they are keeping your data

Uber and lyft are the worst at data keeping, tracks your locations and makes assumption about your character based on your use

Changing data responsibility is about your data use and how you enable it

  • Turn off your phone
  • get offline
  • understand what it means to not depend on data

Think about what you have done to get addicted to data

Think about carbon footprint and carbon diet; go on a Data Diet

So much decisions we make in our organizations are connected to our data biases

Fatalism -Not other data exists

Reducing comsumption

  • Technology decisions are political decisions
  • You are making a political statement
  • What are you in soslidarity with? exploitations, surveillance

Take the bus, get a cab

  • Much of our downfall in the world is tied to utility

it's easier to use apps

Even with a scooter you are leaking more data than a lyft, uver

Enabling corporate greenwashing

Silencing drivers for extra money as a part of a Uber feature, dehumanizing/exploitative labor

Brain has a firewall that does not want to think about the full production chain and it's impact

Useful Principles 1. Minimizing the data you collect

   difficult task if you are org that needs to collect data of funders
   Tracking social media identity of base ?? problematic

2. Have data retention policies

   Data shelf life 
   Data Completism is a problem
   How are folks in orgs making their base vulnerable
   by where they keep their data and how long
   Could it lead to exploitation? incarceration? deportation?
   Ex: Grinder monetizing data about HIV status for ads
   DKG: It's useful to think of data like pesticide 
   we solve a problem now but we don't know if we will harm ourselves in the fuuture..

3. Follow your policies

   Operationalizing policies 

Alternative : Libre office and linux

did not anticipate the dangers of clouds and mobile devices

Cloud is a huge step back

Borrowing corporate real estate

Use of signal - not as feature-rich, but has high security that What's app has adopted

What's app -facebook acquisition now a a surveilance powerhouse

Need to use crappier tools less featured but with more data responsible


Intentional about how we can keep ourselves and the community we work with/are in solidarity with

Chromebook -impressive hardware but Google is spying on you

  • Built in integrity check in
  • Most secure device to work exclusively with the most servellance based company -Google
  • Does not keep local files. Can not get hacked but tracks your info if you are targeted as a terrorist against the US/ US economy or work with vulnerable populations

Tech vegans tech tolerant people Not block productivity on principle Work with partners and clients on their terms BUT think about what you enter on google as permenant public record

Google and SLACK imagine you are having it in a public cafe where you think it can be overheard

the most valuable piece of data is our social graph

social graph -anyone you contact with on your phone, apps, email

When you are using social media you are self documenting the social graph of your organization/ personal graph

building a movement social graph

If there is another 9/11

Anyone two connections away from a potential attacker like 9/11 can be treated as a suspect

Thinking about how we can inplicate ourselves/each other through these social graphs

What are the long term costs of documenting our social graphs for the other side

Appropriate use of social networks that provide minimal risks

Using alternative whenever possible

In direct actions and how we document them. How do we make sure we protect our base?

White person protest privilege

arrest prvilege

proxy violence

Harm Reduction to have people who are priveleged to share these stories -May not as be powerful to have impacted communities speak but facial recognition technology is a real risk

What are just ways to amplify stories of the vulnerable?

Right 50 year plus plan strategy that are being implemented now

We still have the ability to fight and resist

Another tech reality is possible We can build alternative tech