Organizing with youth Fresno 2018

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Meaningfully Engaging Youth

What does organizing youth means?

  • Giving them the confidence
  • Making the connection why the topic is important.
  • Allowing youth to choose the topics they want to advocate for.
  • Making them aware that this is their life/future. Making them accountable.
  • Empower them to believe their voice carries weight.

What are our struggles with connecting with youth?

  • Change the culture - youth and adults have to be held accountable.
  • Come back and debrief with youth and employees.
  • Don’t allow your work to become a checklist.

Who does it mean to be a youth mentor?

  • Mentors can be unofficial. Someone can inspire and give you a healthy space unofficially through words, hearing you and/or example.
  • We don’t always realize how someone impacted us until we reflect back.
  • It’s important to always move like a mentor because you never know who’s soaking in your energy.
  • Invest in the parents/guardians as much as the youth.