Organizing and collaborating Latino communities

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Anthony – Monterey Calif. Web

Adam – Mid-City CAN

Jack – tech support

Andrea – Columbia

Bishall – Portland, Ore. Want to reach out to Latino groups

Kemly – Costa Rica co-op coordinator, Latinos U.S. and Mexico, Central America

Jocelyn – Latinas for Reproductive Justice, mostly online, older folks flyers, community

Victor – Richmond

Jonathan – Children’s Hunger Fund, Baja, Laredo, Peru, Guatamala/San Fernando Valley communication barriers

Ari – Resource Generation young people of color with wealth, dealing with privilege owning class, peer counseling

Media channels and successful outreach

  • Information communication spaces
  • Strategies connect digital world with community spaces
  • Young people – infomediaries integrate information
  • Bringing online info offline and vice-versa
  • Formal instructor
  • Capacity building program
  • Ecotourism
  • Church – information
  • Modesto CBC – Facebook, social media not effective, had dinner with parents
  • Tabling at schools
  • Online portal share experiences online
  • Visual, photos
  • Los Angeles County Federation of Labor – L.A. Latino Film Fest, great English outreach