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Ops Therapy

Tools/Best practices needed for:

  • Event planning and project management
  • Hold people accountable to systems
  • How to consolidate diverse systems
  • Improve internal communications
  • Instating new systems when roles shift
  • Bringing systems to scale
  • Tracking expenses

File sharing tips:

  • FTP server-can download client software for free
  • Dropbox easy, but free version has small storage


  • Develop protocols for ea when using multiple systems
  • Ex: Asana for project mgmt, but dif system for archiving docs
  • Bring tools to weekly check ins for stickiness
  • Keep updated doc library to resource how to use tool

Project Management

  • Scrumdo- count down points system as tasks get completed
  • Divided by ‘to do’, ‘in process’, ‘done’
  • Anthony researching open src version
  • Offers summary reports (ex for volunteers, committees)
  • Kanban- board based on methodology, includes time tracking, ID’ing bottlenecks

Event Planning:

  • Josh has templates!
  • Invitations: Pingg, Eventbrite
  • Tips:
  • Include mandatory survey Qs for RSVPS (ex: to get dietary info, photo disclosure)
  • Color code lanyards on name badges so photographer knows who’s opted out
  • Evaluations: hard copies before they leave, follow up emails w/ next way to get involved, raffle tickets

Mass Coms:

  • VerticalResponse- connected to SalesForce
  • Free up to certain # emails/mo (~10k)
  • Hackable html code (more than mail chimp)
  • A/B functionality to test best opened subj lines
  • Mail Chimp- user friendly, has videos and resources
  • ~2k monthly limit
  • Both: reports available


  • Dragon- voice recognition software
  • Translates recordings (before having live translator double check)

Wikipage vs Regular Website:

  • Wiki is great for very active online community
  • Needs monitoring. Trolls!
  • Blog recommended for less active audience, easier for posts


  • Gmail on lock- but some glitches between systems
  • Vs iCal-some events get dropped (esp on phones)
  • Invitees/RSVPS from external may not show up on internal system
  • 30 Box