Network analysis: How to visualize and measure collaboration

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Social Network Analysis

We generated a lot of questions:

  • What does social network analysis do on a larger level and how can we be strategic in using?
  • What are the ways that we can measure impact of a network?
  • Are engaging people in our network in the right way to build relationships to get results?
  • How do you measure your network so you don't replicate power dynamics?
  • How do you visualize your networks so you can be more strategic?

Social network mapping can help you be intentional about your network strategy and improve it.

Measuring your network requires measuring objective measures such as money, programs, structures, etc related

Working networks of organizations is difficult


June Holley: Networked Weaver Handbook - Facebook Group


Network Primer

Working Wikily

Diagnostic Tool

Network Consultants Meeting


  • Post It Notes
  • Gephi (Free Open Source)
  • NodelXL