Modeling for failure in tech Fresno 2018

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  • Google removed, “do no evil.” But as time has gone on they are now doing ads and have done more shady stuff (ads, data collection, etc)
  • Try to have the least tech
    • not saying to completely remove tech totally
    • but try to keep info and use to the least
  • Capitalist have had control over many people due to people being addicted to technology and sharing all there info
  • If it's not absolutely necessary to use tech, donʼt use it
  • We trade freedom for utilities (google maps, very useful, but now google has your location at all times)
  • Facebook has been successfully because of pulling on natural instincts
  • Know that by using facebook we give up so much info
  • Use open source because it's not by being controlled by one powerful but is shared (not to say that they wont spy but its least likely)
  • Focus on user need, donʼt use a feature that is just “cool”, use it because it's really useful
  • Ask yourself what data am I putting in, what are they doing with that data, and how can I get it out
  • Plan that if you get tech, have a plan to get out of using it and have a plan to disappear for the radar of tech