Introduction to Mapping

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3 categories:

  1. for collaboration
  2. visualizing/communicating - use in marketing and outreach materials
  3. analysis/GIS

for collaboration:

  • googlemaps
  • create new map - "my places" >> "create new"
  • embed in webpage - copy/paste embed code
  • google data sheets - bulk import/upload data points

for visualizing/collaboration:

  • mapbox - point to a space and describe, has a number of customizations


  • batchgeo - can upload a batch of street addresses, has a number of
    • customization options >> puts info into google maps
  • tilemill and mango map - require some additional css and GIS knowledge

peek democracy

for analysis:

  • all of gis analysis maps use attribute tables assigning multiple metadata
  • fields to each street
  • tigerline shape files from the census
  • arcmap and esri - check techsoup, arcmap steeper learning curve and only

works on windows

  • quantumGIS - sophisticated geodata analysis

additional resources:

  • stamen maps