How to write a profile Fresno 2018

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Interview Prep:

  • Research
  • Pre-interview: talk to them before the formal interview
  • Don’t be rigid, let the convo flow
  • Let them guide the conversation, don’t influence them
  • Record only if you have permission (once recording is on, ask again to get it on camera/audio)
  • Direct quotes are needed!
  • Don’t be afraid of silence
  • Don’t ask yes or no questions
  • Use “Can you tell me more about...”
  • Even if you know their story, let them tell it.
  • Use ice breakers to make interviewee more comfortable
  • If they ask for questions in advance, don’t give them the entire whole question. Just hints or topics
  • Be a person first, a reporter second.

Writing the profile:

  • The Lede
  • Grab your audiences attention
  • Set the scene
  • Don’t give away your stories “surprise”
  • Sometimes leave the Lede for last, write the story first and then you’ll know
  • SAFETY FIRST - protect identity of your subject if they request it