How to keep branding across multiple networks

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facilitated by William Ramirez

Graphic Design Tips

William uses basecamp to communicate with clients

  • Helps keep all communication in one place, cleaner than email
  • You can share design options through Basecamp

Colors and Images

  • Complimentary colors are the most appealing with online design
    • Example from William - orange and blue
  • Blue is a really good color for screens
  • Adding images over “annoying” or bright colors can make them less “in your face”
  • Use colors that evoke emotions
  • Stay on trend, look into the “colors of the year” from places like Pantone, etc.

Working with a Designer

  • Foster a relationship with a graphic designer, continuing to work with them will help with branding
  • But don’t rush into a relationship with a designer, take the time to make sure your styles mesh
    • Don’t be afraid to tell them if you don’t like something! It will help make sure your product comes out exactly as you want it
  • Keep the colors, tone, language, images similar across your graphics—that will keep the brand consistent and real
  • A/B testing can let you see what types of images people prefer
  • You can soft launch websites, and get feedback from the few users who viewed your site