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Online Communications w/ Jessica

Participant Introductions

  • Magik: Asking for feedback on how to grow project through online promotion
  • Gilda: Looking for organize a calendar for project organizing
  • Tanya: Current social media platform management – organizing current campaigns
  • Jessica: Group leader: wants to have other activities for online communication
  • Tyesha: Communications coordinator wants to be aware of tools that make work effective
  • Javier: Communications manager with aspirations
  • Lisa: Looking for improve current communications


Remember that online social platforms were created for person-to-person interaction how do we push interaction that target a larger audience

5 processes for high impact online communication

Strategy on what you want to accomplish and the tools to use so that you reach your target audience

  • knowing target audience
  • different channels/tools to reach
  • plan arc of timeline for message sharing
  • engaging the audience
  • how are you measuring success

Determine audience – identify who you are trying to reach online

Geographic and demographic target
Who are the stakeholders in my work: divide into allies
Managing and collaborating multiple department communications

Coordinating your online channels

Activity: brainstorm all different channels that we use to share messages

Write down channels we currently use

  • YouTube
  • tumbler
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • E-blasts
  • Slide-share
  • Daily activity calendars
  • Craigslist

Content messages

Publishing Matrix:

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, E-blast, Workshop announcement

Project activity update

Project completion

Publishing Matrix Template

Triple tell em (online communication messaging)

Tell em what you’re going to tell em – before “save the date”
Tell em - during
Tell em what you told em – after

Messaging Calendar:

January, February, March, April

Content type

Message Calendar Template

Online audience Content planning – using message calendar for timeline of campaign


What defines your communication success
Ex. How much product do you want to sell?
How many people do you want to participate?

How are you capturing your vision


work with coworkers to create communications plan across departments
divide quadrants