Grassroots Fundraising

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  • talking about money makes me feel...
  • asking for money makes me feel...
  • giving monez makes me feel...
  • look at our community feelings about money
  • fundraising in our own community- we need to unpack
  • majority of donations in U.S. came from households earning less than 60k

Lyrics Def. of Grassroots Organizing:

  • Bringing our communities into our work- being transperant to where the momney is goin - transperant budget.
  • Listening to the vision for the world they want to see and listening to that vision.
  • Asking for money dirctly and genuinely in a way that you are being considerate.
    • Look at donors already giving and ask for more
    • present sucess stories- do not exploit

Daring ourselves to take risks that is empowering to all in the organisation.

Evaluating - fundraising goals - how we can do it better?

  • When doing online fundraising (crowd sourcing), profile people instead of the whole org..
  • Need to provide tools for online fundraising.
  • Fundraising via text.
  • Look at staff- driven events v. events done by others.