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There is no right answer on what to use. – the best camera you have is the one in your pocket. It is possible to make a good video with a bad camera and a bad video with a good camera

It is possible to film to much- determine what will actually be used. Have a plan, will there be interviews? Are you filming something specific? This helps when you edit because you have specific shots to edit and place rather then sifting thru dozens of similar shots. Deleting on the go, keep the best shots and delete similar shots while out shooting.

Getting good sound is important: there are cheap microphones that can help. Omnidirectional microphones pick up all the sound around so it make be distracting. Download Audacity this is an azmaing app that can filter and amplify sounds.

Ask yourself what equipment is necessary for the project: Amazing products can be made with cheaper equipment. quik is an app made by gopro and its free males profile features very good for making good short videos on the go. Can add music and text over the video

iMovie is a good place to learn and is easy to use. Final cut pro is another good program to use

Be careful with duplicating video files some software duplicates files and it make be taking up space, so be careful with programs that store all the clips you add in.

Keeping software updated can make things move faster keep everything updated so programs don’t move slower then intended. Keep your lens clean it is easy to ruin a good video with a smear on the lens so make sure you keep them clean.

Inverted pyramid start with the most important stuff and the rest of what you say only reinforces the first topic. Signing off is also very a good way for people to know the video is done.

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