Data Stewardship Fresno 2018

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       Ken - thirty years a techie
       NP Tech Network board member
   Worked for long time with folks of immigrant communities and those affected by police violence
   Manifestations of relationships with our communities is data footprints
   NP Industrial complex demands data
   Funders can be villains b/c they incentivize reckless collection of data
       Not enough thought goes into big questions
           Who has access to data?
           Where is it stored?
           When will it be deleted?
   Had an experience where a person was in tears not wanting to share his address because he was afraid of authorities get
   Data Footprints: are they potholes that could lead someone to harm?
   CA law says that your org is liable for damage caused by data breaches
   We're creating relationships with our partners and constituents
   "Best Practices" assumes that all orgs have the same level of resources
   No matter how many BP's we suggest, people will only do what's practical
   We're told that we have to collect data but don't have the resources to analyze it
   We're supposed to keep the data but funders should tell us what we're supposed to do with it
   Ask your funder for guidance or training to get your analysis good. They're surprisingly receptived
   Data Reporting culture
       Aggregate the data of vulnerable pops so that after 90 days we can destroy the individual data
   How can we make tech the lever we apply rather than the heavy level we carry around and wish we could chuck
   Raise flags about risks and liability to the board because they are the fiduciaries of your org.
   Don't rely on yourself to go through the statutes. They're written to be for lawyers, so get a lawyer.
   For those convening networks of folks collecting data, how do we act responsibly for our downsteam partners. How do we guide them in being responsible
       Support them with data intake design. If they're collecting data for you, design their intake for them
   CIA of Data
           We know who has access
           Data is unfuckwithable
           A person can get to their data
   Consent Culture
       How much consent are we exercising on people's data?
       We ask for email addresses and don't really tell people what we want it for
       Tell people what their info is being collected for
       Aspiration is good model
           After CATechFest, they tell us that they're going to send out the list, but give a period to opt out, and give guidance on what this contact info can be used for
   Adrienne wants to know what folks are using because her org has tasked her with improving their databasing
       Thomas: Spreadsheets moving into Salesforce
       Jasmyn: Powerbase, Google
       Tiffany: Was on Salesforce, moved over to Microsoft CRM, talking about building their own CRM
       Sarah: You can always contact your DB vendor to get training on how to use their tools better. Collect 100+ quarterly reports and they're all in Excel. Fought adoption of database because going into a database to get what you need is never as fast as what I can do by myself. Doesn't like that partners have to email her their spreadsheets so the files are living in an email on two people's servers
       Arthur: It's my first day.
       Kelsey: Partner really wants CiviCRM for...some reason
   What even is CRM?
       We use this term as both an application and to the practice of 
   World War I Technology
       Instead of working smartly through a problem, we throw boddies at a problem

Participant Go Around

Adrienne How do we keep our data safe

Jasmyn "Hey you now you keep your phone bank materials just kinda laying around?" What data are we collecting for our impact reporting and how do we ask for more when we're in such a scary time?

Tiffany Created a tool for DV and human trafficking survivors Intake is 10 questions with no identifiable info CRM is Microsoft Hired a firm to simulate attacks on the system Creating a data retention plan to get rid of data they've collected that is no longer relevant

Sarah Try to get NP partners to embrace free and accessible tools for data collection methods like Google Forms and Docs Not enough thought goes into who is going to have access to the data afterward Needs for staff to have identifying systems so staff can work with cases

Arthur How can we prevent websites from collecting personal information

Kelsey Partnering org that's creating a DB of folks who are in rent-to-own contracts Partner has very little experience with data security