Culture shift Fresno 2018

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Culture is constantly changing.

Combating older stereotypes, no way to stay the same.

It is something it is something we should embrace.

Changing people's hearts and minds about issues.

Culture shift isn't always positive.

Take into account how social media and technology affect culture shift.

People should always feel supported when they choose to have a child no matter the age. Use social media to change the narrative.

Dismiss the shame of being a young parent. Making it relatable. Get the conversation going.

Negative culture shift currently happening against communities of color during our current political climate.

Our president isn’t the problem, he is part of a major problem.

Hate and racism isn’t new.

We often live in a liberal bubble and forget about the larger picture of our country.

Feeling like you have to be one or the other.

Culture shift allows us to be somewhere in the middle.

Combated negative notions in our communities. Meet people where they are. Challenge people to combat these stereotypes. Get to the humanity of these issues.

We should be free to have full control of our lives.

Create critical thinking in our communities. Make more resources available.

Help people become agents of change in their communities.

Ensuring that people have access to adequate and true information. So that they can make informed decisions.

It is important to go beyond statistics and data.

It is important to humanize issues.

White supremacy and capitalism affect and are present in our communities.

Leaning into the knowledge of those who shifted culture before us. Inter generational.

Taking ownership of the space.

Culture shift can be used against communities of color (i.e. Trump being racist, sexist and awful up front and getting no backlash from it, causing bigots to feel more than welcome to do the same in day to day life. )

Taught how to treat one another

Meet people where they are

People tend to end conversations about abortion or pregnancy as soon as they’re mentioned.

Constantly being told negatives and how to NOT get pregnant, but what happens when it fails? No one is told what to do afterwards.

Pregnancy Crisis Center is known for telling folks that they are pregnant or further along than they are, in order for them to be too far along for abortion.

Getting needs met, asking questions.

Femme presenting folks are assumed to give, give, give and NOT get. Not receive.

Learn how to be intergenerational.