Creating a Listening Dashboard

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Listening Dashboard: Social Media Listening

Susan Tenby (

@Suzboop on Twitter—publishing tool that schedules posts and listens to responses (Facebook & Twitter)

Netvibes—only a listening tool (free)

Listening dashboard are a way to use social media more effectively. Mainly Twitter, FB is difficult to listen in on.

Netvibes- a good starter one for listening to the topic you are interested in. Any time anyone mentions the subject you are interested in you get it on your dashboard.

How to build a network:

  • Set up a listening dashboard:
  • Set up dashboard searches
  • Gives you content
  • Lets you know who to follow
  • You begin to understand who is talking about your subject

Hashtags: a way to categorize tweets and find and recruit new members

You can have different dashboards for different programs

You can copy other people’s listening dashboard

Define: widget, hashtag,

  • (gives you related hashtags—very useful)

Tag Walk (adjacent tags to your tags) - These are places you where you can go to find hashtags that relate to your subject area.

It will talk you through it when you are setting it up


  • $6
  • You can look at the hashtag and see who is treating about a certain event


  1. NPTech include this hashtag in your tweets and it will turn up in people who follow that

Twitterlist: create a list in twitter and you can follow it in your dashboard

  • Someone adds you to a list you should follow them.
  • Periodically check your @ button in Twitter
  • Respect your followers don’t spam them
  • Don’t connect Facebook to Twitter—this is why hashtags show up in Facebook
  • Take the same message and modify it for the platform. It’s bad to just feed your thoughts into the different platforms

The purpose is to tailor your message so that you can see who follows you not just blast out a broadcast

Create a new list:

  • Outreach
  • Go to your influential followers and


  • Create List
  • Friendly Tweeters (people who will retweet you)

Tweetchats are the easiest way to get new followers:


  1. pmchat (project managers)
  • Find experts on a certain topic in real time

SocialBro- an analytics tool for Twitter—quantifyies data

  • Don’t be intimidated by the dashboard: free trial, great tool
  • Makes it super easy to report Free easy listening dashboard—great way to get started with a listening dashboard

  • Groups are like twitter lists

Buffer —free tool that lets you schedule tweets for later