Constituent Relationship Management

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  • Conseulo: need to manage our stuff
  • Nancy: spreadsheet system for volunteers could be useful
  • Katie: when not to do a CRM
  • Rebecca: NARC (American Indian), how to engage with 700+ students, how to develop/engage

What a CRM is

  • a Swiss Army knife
  • work where you have a lot of overlap
  • keeping track of relationships
  • help keep institutional memory and relationships
  • measure impact of activities you did

When CRMs might not be a good fit

  • can take a lot of time or money to set up
  • if you are small enough may not be worth it
  • do you want to use your system that you already have?

Can you start small?

  • hard to pick a tool when you don't know what
  • yes, you can use a CRM-like system

CRM-like systems that only do one thing