Connecting with journalists

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Media Relations – Ruth

Journalists get a lot of stuff.

  • Think strategically about the media list
  • Develop media relations
  • Identify the people who already cover your issue!
  • Strike up a dialogue with person.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Court Reporters
    • offer your knowledge/expertise
    • ask them about their interests/expertise

Your media list shouldn't stay static.

  • be intentional about updating the media list.

If someone isn't responding, move on.

Define “newsworthy”

  • prominence
  • significance
  • timeliness
  • Someone (ED) saying they are excited about something is NOT news.

Press Releases

  • should be fact/ data driven
  • the facts speak for itself. No Fluff
  • Paragraph vs. FAQs
  • Make it as easy as possible for journalists to get info
  • Send press releases to the journalists directly
  • Send press release in the body of the email. No attachments!

“Dear Media Partner's Here is our press release regarding ….... More information is available upon request. Contact Info”

Standard: 400 words

  • Give when, where, how, quote
  • Idea is to get reporter to want to talk to you
  • Don't assume media has fact checkers
  • embargo: send press release until specific date
  • exclusive: when you give your story to 1 journalist
  • think of press release as an elevator pitch
  • introduce yourself to reporters & do your research on them