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  • Ken

Sharing is limited to funding circles pathways to supporting less funded orgs Advancing Justice LA

  • Faviola

New American Media – Fresno How to collaborate better w/ orgs doing similar work

  • Max

Fresno Youth Empowerment Studios @ Center for Muli-Cultural Collaborations want to collaborate more

  • Alberto

Building Healthy Communities 56 orgs in network What specific tools are using

  • Irlanda

Dolores Huerta Org – local – Lindsay Conservative county -> hard to collaborate with local and youth focused on health/healthy foods

  • Katie

Collaborative spaces networks and building networks multicultural spaces

networks forced or informal

how to use/share old/new equipment/spaces

how does interpersonal -> go to scale

computer network is stronger the bigger it gets


Hip Chat


We want to see what each organization is doing

sharing data

learn from TECH what's working

case studies of how they are using it/who failed

best practices

what it takes to do it -> pros and cons

who should host it/add to it

who will build it

Building local power/low income communities w/ support from outside

Tension (WTF) of funding resources by geography

Beyond territory[[Category:Process]