Capacity building and leadership development Fresno 2018

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What does upper mgmt do to that inhibits leadership development

  • Non profit way vs empowered freedom
  • Aspiration is a tech support and tech leadership development
  • Create space for decision making
  • Leadership starts from the top down
  • Does only management give success/leadership is a title where it's at
  • mentor to teach wonder beyond the shore, not just how to build a boat
  • people will forget what you said, but they won't forget how you made them feel
  • trust
  • transition from participant to facilitator/growing in program
  • conflict mgmt
  • impostor syndrome
  • obsession of metrics rather than cultivating true leadership
  • ambiguity tolerance
  • balance between the need for academia and the need to lift community voices
  • not tokenizing community leaders
  • leaders need to be economically sustainable
  • process of politicizing
  • needing to meet people where we are
  • quite leaders are important just like public speakers
  • people feel unseen and unvalued and then disengaged
  • mentorship is powerful if done right

Examples are opening doors, and help me understand why I'm qualified to open that door

  • celebrity culture or star system in Community organizing spaces
  • leaders lead by example and do the lowest work
  • creative the collective vision and not imposing my personal vision, stepping back

What do I do to help foster leaders?

  • socratic ideas -offer self as resource
  • not impeding their awesomeness
  • finding ways to help them talk
  • letting space know idea is from other person, grateful
  • giving options and not prescribing
  • buy food, give rides
  • supporting basic needs
  • learning and teaching to ask for help "I don't know"
  • knowing when to ask for help when leaders issues are beyond you


  • What leadership or organizing models
  • Leadership is not a template lessons learned/things to avoid
  • Decolonial/indigenous organizing models in colonized spaces
  • Organizing models for gender inclusive patriarchy
  • Re-energizing leaders when there is a loss
  • Self care and how to avoid burnout