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  • Track all the interactions with donors, constituents, members, etc
  • CRMS cover all bases
  • Civi CRM and Powerbase- what focusing on TODAY
  • Jack recommends Civi CRM
  • can be applied to other constituent management systems

Why Civi CRM?

Free and Open Source -- Don't pay for software itself. Anyone can download and install on a server

  • Civi CRM is a web application, access through web browser
  • needs to go on web server
  • Most web hosts can also support civi crm
  • most people have shared hosting
  • shared hosting is typical hosting account
  • There are Sharehosts that are known to be good for CiviCRM.
  • Electric Embers sharedhosting is pretty good for CiviCRM, much better for VPS
  • VPS : virtual private server; pay more, more resources
  • Installing and configuring CiviCRM - install for free
  • if you don't know how to install and configure, its better to get consultant

but you can also do barebones set up, maybe can configure yourself

If you want to do donations, or special reports on different kinds of members, then it's better to have a consultant who knows how CiviCRM works, knows what org needs are

  • can't just install like windows program
  • MAMP FOR WINDOWS -- ways you can get it set up and installed but Jack wouldn't endorse that
  • valuable for its interactivity
  • you can have interactivity inside and outside organization (from members, from donors, etc)
  • donations can be made directly from CiviCRM or paypal PRO that integrate with CiviCRM

  • Segment your members, put them in groups
(ex: event callout, invite, donation campaign, general mailing--can use all of this information in specific ways)
  • US federation of worker cooperatives EXAMPLE
Member Application -- can happen through website

Drupal website w/ CiviCRM

  • Avoiding double entry
  • you don' have to code form; Civi CRM is always installed within a content management system, such as Wordpress, Drupal
  • Civi CRM can leverage technology of CMS's
  • website login for each member; connected to CiviCRM member
  • Let people edit members and update information themselves
  • click: For Members page on
  • More on the page if logged into as member; way you can give people access to stuff because of how their contact is labeled in CiviCRM; can offer special resources to members which they can't get if not logged in
  • NEW EXAMPLE: FoodLab Detroit
  • On right tab: "Check out our current Members"
  • Become a member tab
  • Membership directory: can search by business; giving site viitors a way to search through members in the CiviCRM database without access to info they're not supposed to have
  • also used by national lawyers guild
  • automatically pulled out of CiviCRM once built/enabled
  • Staff doesn't have to take it out of CiviCRM
  • content and database seamlessly connected
  • "Related Content" - example of going beyond bare bones
  • Looking at CiviCRM - backend
  • different access levels and different permissions
  • restrict who can see certain information about certain people, etc

major donors -- politics around seeing who they are

  • restricting records of major donors,
  • put all in group, only certain user role can see it
  • can also see but not edit, etc
  • Looking at member profile
  • Tags, knowing where member came from

different types of contacts, individual, organizational, households (ways to group people together) specificity

  • tracking contact with members; we had meeting with person, came to event, etc, tracking interaction,
  • can track whether received and clicked through email?
  • can also track relationships: employer of, primary contact
  • can also have stuff in the press put up on website
  • how it relates to civiCRM contact (DRUPAL ONLY)

when creating media piece/edit media piece,

  • scroll down and specify what members this is related to
  • when go to member on site, can see related content
  • start small, start where you can build
  • tightly integrated systems that talk to each other
  • can have different skin or theme on CiviCRM depending on website
  • Next example: Audre Lorde Project
  • uses powerbase

CiviCRM vs powerbase

  • Progressive Technology Project - similar to aspiration, helps people get set up with CiviCRM using powerbase
  • CiviCRM software hosted for you, updated for you,
  • they help you configure it
  • ongoing support depending on plan you sign up for
  • phone support on highest price plan
  • email support, forums, etc
  • access to training
  • civicrm provided by PTP
  • monthly or yearly fee
  • whether you want that or not depends on what your organisation
  • Audre Lorde moved it out of powerbase

Cost of CiviCRM in general

  • low end - small organizations - basic thing
  • Valantes Technology Cooperative - where Jack works in Brooklyn
  • 1 to 2k - barebones version
  • Food Lab - more like 10k to configure, maybe a bit less
  • CiviCRM - initial setup fee, assessing organizational needs, integration into website, training, launch
  • in the futire: minimum = software updates
  • help with host - electric embers - shared - good
  • but VPS, need to do manually, works for lots of members/activity
  • food lab VPS - private hosting
  • Aspiration - gives non-biased opinion
  • Techliminal in Oakland - drop in pay 10 bucks and experts will answer questions
  • Salesforce vs CiviCRM
  • CiviCRM - free and open source
  • Salesforce - you have to start paying for more and more
  • CiviCRM - freedom to move web server
  • Salesforce - if you don't like corporate or data use practices, you can't move out of salesforce, goes up a lot $
  • Any CRM - internal dynamic complex and robust, make sure team is ready and on board
  • salesforce doesn't run within drupal or wordpress
  • separate login for website and salesforce, those are disconnected
  • there are modules that can integrate site and salesforce, however
  • anything that can be done with drupal data can be done with civi; tightly integrated
  • ALP Database: using CRM, Tracking contributions, pledges, memberships, events, activities, mailings, relationships, groups, notes, tags, change log,
  • can see if the person clicked through or not
  • CiviCRM runs within platform, can make CiviCRM public even if not involved with website
  • you can make it look like your website without directly integrating it with your website
  • "Manage Groups"
  • smart groups (everyone who lives in brooklyn, certain agegroup, to send emails to them, etc)

and manually created groups

  • want to group people together
  • -- Find an Expert Tab
  • organic groups -- free module for Drupal, uses CRM
  • Think about what you need and can afford, and what you want and might be able to afford in the future (don't want to be stuck with what you can't grow with)

learn CRM?

lots of videos


free webinars

newsletter, also meetups in SF, possibly in Oakland too

get training, etc