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Upcoming Network Events/ Commitments

  • “Love Mondays” @ Discretion Brewery, Santa Cruz, October 28, 3pm – 9pm, Firelight Foundation – Rebecca Wage
  • Dignity in Schools Camapaigns, Week of Action, September 28 to October 5th – Black Organizing Project
  • Work with Aspiration on how they can use in-kind donations – Janet
  • Update the wiki with all my notes and keep connecting with each other – Monica
  • Facebook Laura Rae Bernasconi for Performance info
  • The Jewish Nutcracker, December 6 to 8
  • Improvs for Peace, Sept.22 – Laura Rae Bernasconi
  • Acro Yoga Class, Wednesdays 6 to 730pm, the Sun Room SF – Laura Rae Bernasconi
  • Acro Yoga (Flying Therapeutics) Thai massage, yoga, – Laura Rae Bernasconi
  • Boyle Heights BHC, Digital Media Day, Conference & Training
  • IGF Bali, October 25, “Access for those who fall between the cracks” - Arun
  • Farm 2 Fork Fest, September 28, Slow Food – Coral
  • Free Mobile App. Development Resources – Thomas Gelder, GIIP
  • Youth Focused Topics/ Training – CMC/SSP
  • CPEHN Regional Convenings for Affordable Care Act! Obamacare, Fresno 10/3, Oakland 10/8, LA 10/15, SD 10/15 – David Dexter, CPEHN
  • Organizing Social media messaging calendar – Triny R
  • I'll come to the next CATechFest – anonymous
  • Tech & strategy training (approach) – Sameer
  • SMCSAC has 2 events for nonprofits in Nov. 1. panel/workshop 2. tune up, 2 hr consult – Laura Good
  • Techliminal in Oakland has a wordpress support group meetup every Fri & Wed. sign-up on
  • Walking tours of surveillance cameras in Oakland – Sarah Reilly
  • Mudita ARTS for Peace – Laura Rae Bernasconi
  • Ryse, Sac Youth, Redwood Voice, Boyle Heights youth meet-up (in Del Norte)

Network Asks for Aspiration

  • Project Management, Tech Security, Messaging & Calendaring, trainings and webinars – BHC Sac Youth, Redwood Voice, Ryse Youth Center
  • Email us how to get to the wiki – Janet (done)
  • Teach us techies to do risk assessment & security trainings for other orgs – Jack
  • Mapping as webinar or blog or resource or toolkit
  • Making lunch meetups available online as well – Angela, BHC Dnatl
  • Online Forum for all NP Tech Questions
  • Aspiration be part of SMC Sac November nonprofit workshop panel – Laura Good
  • Youth/Young people specific training
  • Training on best-practices for bilingual/multilingual websites – Tracy Perkins
  • Training on privacy & data security & freedom of speech for academics & journalists – Tracy Perkins
  • Trainging on improving/assessing overall web presense/identity for individuals.
  • How to manage multiple websites (some project-oriented, some person oriented) & multiple social media channels – what to put on each? - Tracy Perkins
  • Security Risk Assessment Checklist for nonprofits – Sarah Reilly, Design Action
  • Nonprofit tech meetup in San Diego – Adam Ward (
  • web design and setup workshop for teens (high school) at East LA YMCA
  • I will host an NPTech meetup in SF – Susan T
  • Oakland Meetup – Ruth
  • Project Management training – Misha, BOP
  • Host a NPTech Meetup in Boyle Heights (or #CATechfest)
  • More often norcal trainings (quarterly)
  • Have webinars available from breakout trainers, especially social media – Ryse, BHC Dantl