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Examples of documents that they use to track analytics Things that you should track related to your goals

What are you doing online? How does this inform what you want to keep track of

checking your analyics is good but copying it to another spreadsheet is better cause

  1. you capture data so that you have your own record
  2. it helps you pay attention more and allows you to make graphs that are more meaningful to your needs. You can compare out side info. Like facebook etc

When you are looking you are tracking your progress over time.

When they talk about data driven non-profits we're talking about letting this info drive you decisions.


whatever you decide to is consistency (weekly, monthly etc)

What to track from google

views, page visits, most popular page or post
  • Do social networking that drives people
  • you need 40 likes to start tracking your facebook analytics
  • Vanity metrics = not meaningful
  • Likes are vanity metrics, though they are way that you can track your progress toward real metrics in a differnt way.

Goals tracking


tracking a specific pathway. You can find out how many people are

User flow

From country of teritirory you can see what people's first access point is and where they drop off.
If someone looks at one page and leaves that's a bounce.
If we see that people from one country and are bouncing after accessing through a certain page we can add more relevant content


reporting/dashboard/add new/add widget
Make custom dashboards where you can specific things. You create widgets You can put these things in your offline report.
A starter dashboard has suggested widgets for you.
if you do custom, find the metric that you want to track first adn then make it into a widget.
example we want to find out what browsers people are accessing the site from a certain bowser. Are the phone browser.
Choose the way the data displays and then choose the data that you see.

you cannot yet find put the operating system of your users.

You can export your dashboards to pdf

You can export any of the pre set up things that google analytics to multiple to file formats including CSV.

Setting up a tracking spreadsheet.

Choose a some things you want to measure based on your goals as an organization.
track it and look over time for correlations.

Netvibes is a listening dashboard that you can set.

Listening is seeing what people online are saying about you.

Under setting you can exempt you own IP address from your analytics

What Paul likes to track.

Example Everybody's famous.

They can look back and see a huge spike in visits after they posted an ad on craigslist He likes to look at the user flow. He saw that the our culture page was getting a lot of bounces and changed it