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Grant Funding

  • How to apply and find grants
  • Help with funding development to do projects we want to do
  • How can groups raise money or get grants specifically for their tech projects
  • Interested in grant org. software
  • How to engage partners to financing support your work?


  • How to keep track of my passwords?
  • How can we make PGP encryption more accessible+common for activists+organizers?
  • Best practicers to make your info/data secure
  • How do you build confidence in mass communications?
  • Help understand privacy/security issues for nonprofits?
  • How to do an organizational data risk assesment in 7 easy steps
  • Security program using technology for seniors
  • Maintaining confidentiality and promoting nonprofit. how?


  • Best practices around "inbox zero"
  • Mobile email
  • Effective use of google apps
  • Understanding email connection settings


  • Best practices for training our people to do events
  • Organizing a conference like the tech fest
  • How can we better document our successes with tech. sharing our stories
  • What technology do youth use for organizing efforts
  • When are people motivated to take action? what time of day? what day of the week?
  • How do you use collaboration as a foundation rather than just repeating work?
  • Distraction vs. valuable investment
  • What are the best practices for an outreach campaign?
  • Using technology for organzing/advococy
  • Online consensus building, how is it done and who should use them
  • How to engage our center's youth (13-19) better technology
  • Strategies for replicating on-the-ground organizing on the web to expand reach and guage impact
  • How do we grow campaigns around taboo/controversial topics?
  • How do keep people engaged? what needs to be recorded?
  • What are the best approaches to using tech in higher ed? (hybrid/online/f-2-f)


  • How to justify brevity to someone who is verbose?
  • How do we create useful+dynamic content without the bells and whistles?
  • How do you deal with the constant stress of creating new, quality content?
  • How valuable is information gained through crowd-sourcing?
  • Guidelines for appropriate posting regarding the work

Fundraising on Social media/Facebook

  • How can I use SM to help turn donors into fundraisers?
  • How can I use SM to find people in the community who are "hubs" for philanthropy?
  • How do nonprofits fundraise w/ SM and without capacity?
  • How do we raise money for tech projects?
  • Tappping into online, ind. donor base
  • What is the best way to use facebook ads to drive traffic to cause page+content to donors/fundraisers?
  • I have a FB page-- does anyone care? and how can I make it available and clickworthy?
  • What are good alternatives to network for good online donations?
  • Kickstarter and nonprofits?

Social Media

  • What is the return on investment for social media?
  • How to create a better online presence?
  • How do different departments use SM without overwhelming the audience?
  • How does one create a SM campaign?
  • Rules for using SM as nonprofits
  • How can you best use each different SM platform? What are they best for?
  • How much punctuation fo you need on Twitter?
  • How do you justify the time investing in SM in relation to returns?
  • What creative strategies are use to gain new likes/follows and engage existing users?
  • Google Analytics for website+ SM Analytics
  • How can nonprofits with similar missions connect to eachother?
  • Is there a (good) nonprofit tech blog or zine or infohub?
  • I want to learn more about social network asset mapping and tools that support it


  • What are the best practices for self-divided learning to support a NPTech practice
  • learning from other people's mistrakes
  • how to incorporate popular education into online tools?
  • what are non-tech options that you find useful?

Capacity Building

  • How to best start & support a trust network Nptech capacity builders?
  • how to assign staff roles in technology & communications?
  • How can nonprofits integrate data connection & analysis with limited capacity?
  • tech capacity building
  • bulding internal capacity around technology-skills, exploration, structures
  • how can we use tech to further our mission? (more members, more donors)

Overwhelm work/life balance

  • How to make our jobs sustainable and not to burn out?
  • I'm overwhelmed when do I have time to learn on research new software


  • What information do we need to build communities? (ie. And not need)
  • How to create authentic connections between two distant countries?
  • Cross-pollinate and engage online w/ other orgs
  • non-profit production promotion?
  • How do non-profits store material?
  • Non-profit networking
  • How do we build positive + productive relationships w/ local governments and nonprofits to enact pos. change?
  • How to connect community organizing efforts between the U.S and communities outside of the U.S


  • How can NGOs grow their networks?
  • What technologies (if any) can facilitate collaboration?

Staff Buy-in (+use) of Tech

  • How do we get staff buy-in when we make changes to their tech eco system (network drives, operating systems, etc)
  • How do we offer training to staff for for productivity software?
  • How can we make IT more integrated in the strategy of our programs
  • What is the first step in making an org tech-friendly for staff?
  • How to Sway/Convince high-level leadership tomake tech & website a priority?
  • How can I best integraate a remote office with our main office?
  • How can my organization provide (or other organization) user training/tech training?

Tech. Resources & Training

  • Training aud tools for managing information and data for non-profits
  • What resources, trainings, etc. are available to nonprofits to aid webiste development?
  • How to bridge the discomfort of state to use new tools?
  • How do we train on staff to get on the same page w/ now technology in easy & quick ways?
  • I want an online inventory system to check in & out equipment
  • I want to become better voised in basic web design
  • More efficient tools for overworked, underresourced nonprofits
  • Where can I get tech training resources for free/cheap?
  • How to make online actions more meaningful? (both for constiment lay term carring and policy change)


  • The who, what, why of Aspiration
  • What was one of the campaigns Aspiration created? And what did the campaign accomplish?

Tech online advice for capacity builders

  • What are the best practises wizdom for starting a NPTECH biz that servers nonprofits?
  • What are the big tech challenges that face N.P in this room?


  • Measuring outcomes
  • What are alternatives to Google analytics, How do you use them?
  • Using log frames for monitoring and evaluation
  • How social justice groups access data for campaigns and/or organizing efforts
  • What is the best platform/source for Demographic data
  • Linking research data, to campaigns and change work


  • How do I do project management better?
  • How to manage technology projects?
  • How can we use technology to bridge geographic and demographic and economic distances?
  • I'd like to better understand rolling out project management software while we ace figuring out our workflow with many projects?
  • Project management tools and strategies
  • Is there technology that helps with internal management?


  • How to create mobile app to create a tool without knowing code
  • App or program to do daily sign-in for youth program
  • What resources are available for app development or design?
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile app training/GUI platform youth & seniors

Newsletter/Press releases

  • Best newsletter practices
  • How to write a press releases
  • How to write complete sentences
  • How do non-profits utilize free advertising to reach teens


  • What is WordPress & when to use it
  • What is Drupal and when t use it
  • How do non-profits choose a content management system?
  • WordPress: Simple way to integrate logins for an org; Transition to self-hosted

Responsive web design

  • Responsive web design
  • What should be static info vs. Dynamic?

Tech Tools

  • Where to find tech tools for non-profits? e.g. *Trainings/supplies/etc.
  • Open-source smartphones – FireFox OS
  • Should nonprofits use private or open systems?
  • How do we make decisions?
  • What are some new technologies folks are using and finding to be effective?
  • Wiki vs Google Sites
  • Developing web tools that support shared knowledge, shared process, and shared outcomes that are not over-complicated
  • What tools are people using to manage communities?
  • How do we better promote the use of open source in the nonprofit community?
  • What calendar sharing program is most effective?
  • How can nonprofits give better services to their service partners through technology?
  • Is there a better solution (Open Source) then using piracy (bootleg) software?


  • Should nonprofits use technology To reach those with limited/no access?
  • Internet access ran change the world: more education, medical access, interaction
  • Open Data
  • What are challenges for open data?

Online mapping

  • Online tools to generate custom maps
  • How do non-profit groups utilize mapping technology for their work



  • How high of a priority are the websites of other organizations
  • Critique my website design
  • Why are we bulleting this website tech tool?
  • Who makes decisions regarding websites at other organizations?


  • Constituent realtionship management systems
  • How to start a CRM database. How to choose a CRM
  • What are the differences between powerbase & civicrm
  • Contact management systems – how to develop + gather + store
  • How are nonprofits integrating powerbase/civicrm and an advocacy tool
  • Why should we (or not) use a CRM?
  • Volunteen management
  • Pros & cons of powerbase/civicrm
  • Donor management
  • Integration/tool management. Keep track of presences subscriptions. Online, etc
  • Salesforce vs podid vs basecamp vs asana – with DMG
  • Using powerbase, CivicCrm – How to's

Education awarness building of your non-profit

  • Avoiding duplication of tech work/storytelling
  • How to use tech to:
    • enhance the grad studen experience & Raise the profit of the program
    • Build & maintenance relationships w/ our community partners
    • Facilitate flied pleasant
    • prof. Development or students
    • Promote ecents to the general public
  • Using tech to help us re “brand” bridge color lines


  • How can short videos make greater impact on our communities
  • How do videographers think about producing videos with complicated messages clearly w/out losing the audience
  • Audio translators → developing for rural communities who do not write or read
  • To help with Health issues, issues etc
  • Gathering critics for musician, a radio show, noboy submitted anything to: How do I branch art? Make it declarable to participants

Open source

Cost & vendor

  • How much should a website cost
  • How much should a website redesign cost?
  • How should orgs and the techies that work with them handle ambitious tech projects with small budgets or tight tinninesses?
  • How can orgs do tech budgeting better?
  • How do you find a good tech vendor
  • How to choose a vendor(tech)
  • What printer should we purchase?


  • Does everyone deserve freee access to internet?
  • How do we make tech less evil?


  • What do non-profits want to read about in blogs from people who write them?
  • How do we engage our target audiences thourgh technology
  • How do we use technology to leverage like-minded issues
  • How to make information accessible to users
  • How to develop organic cooperation between an engagement & an social/ on the media
  • Generell mainstream in rural technology communities


  • How to manage a large volunteer base that can be activated indiv. Or as groups
  • How to become a netwroked nonprofit with a highly engaged fan base


  • visual note taking & infographics
  • How to better engage for virtual meetings