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Rural Areas

  • What's the best tech suit of tools to overcome the “digital divide” rural communities with only mobile phones, etc.?
  • How to spread technology to rural areas?
  • Is traditional radio still relevant? If so, how?

Promotory Marketing

  • How can we make the web “smaller” e.g. locally relevant?
  • How do I promote my content?
  • How do I improve visibility of my organization via technology & in-person?
  • How do I speak to constituents and potential interested parties to promote my work?
  • How do I get my video to go viral?


  • What developments are happening in pro-poor mobile technology?
  • What mobile apps are helpful for NPOs?
  • How can SMS/ text messaging be used for campaigns?

Project Management

  • What are the best tools for managing multiple projects in an intuitive, visual way?
  • What is basecamp & how to use it?
  • How can I go about developing a tech plan that is fully integrated into our model of advocacy & growth?
  • What are some low-cost, easy to use PROJECT MANAGEMENT tools? (besides microsoft products...)
  • How can I best plan for long-term maintenance of my wordpress, but partially custom coded website?
  • How do low-capacity orgs do online comms effectively.

Contact Managment

  • A contact management system that is easy to use, go off/online & not break the bank?
  • How do we balance technology-based organizing with face-to-face organizing?
  • How do they compliment each other?
  • How do you encourage amplifying your message thru your network?
  • How do you choose a CRM?
  • Is there a free/cheaper replacement for SugarSync to back up and sync my work & home computers? both macs
  • How does Salesforce & CiviCRM differ in terms of support? (what are key differences?)
  • We need to implement a better contact management system

Open Source

  • What are reasonable ways for nonprofits to adopt open source software NOW?
  • What alternatives are there to corporate software/ hardware?
  • How can we reduce our reliance on corporate tech that might not have our best interests in mind?

Security & Privacy

  • How can nonprofits assess & respond to their security & privacy risks?
  • What are best practices regarding security for data & website?
  • Net Security: Where to take action/ where to know its no big deal?
  • assessing your organization's security risk
  • How do we secure our online assets so that there is security in case of disaster, theft, etc.?
  • How much info. about your organization should you put out there?
  • Intersections of online surveillance and real time (security camera) surveillance
  • How do I privatize/ secure personal information?
  • How can we safely discuss piracy with teens & adults
  • How to talk about scary tech and security issues with out inciting fear


  • What services do people need? (Both tech and design services.)
  • Where to find good resources for cheap tech?
  • What tech tools can convey complex info to non-experts, replace or substitute for dense text instruction
  • How to find a good balance between exploring new tech and maintaining your current tech tools & platforms?
  • Whats being done in low income computer training?
  • What blogs/websites do organizations use as their newsfeed?
  • Is there a place where nonprofits can share resources?
  • How can we make effective online resources for nonprofits?


  • How do we encourage wider adoption of social media tools with people who don't see the value?
  • What are the basics that an under-resourced community org. should know in developing a tech outreach strategy? (tech communication 101)
  • How do you build a following for nonprofit profiles i.e. twitter, instagram..
  • How do you reach community memebers through tech who do not have readily available access to it?

Mission Oriented Tech

  • How much technology should be part of your overall mission?

Time Management

  • How to get your 40 hr work week and still have a presence on social media?
  • How do you find the time to do AB testing, analytics for email, web & social media campaigns?
  • How to do an event like this in 6 hours?


  • How are other people navigating the difference between organizational & personal websites?
  • What are cool things to do on a personal/social justice site?

Youth Programs

  • How can youth media organizations keep youth involved?
  • How can youth media groups in different areas work together? and communicate?
  • How do other programs get youth engaged in “our” program
  • How do you keep kids involved after a project?
  • What makes a successful youth media group?
  • How hard is it to file a freedom of information request?


  • How do various community organizations find grants?
  • How to find long-term funding streams?
  • How important is kickstarter/indiegogo?
  • What are some good RSS feeds nonprofits need to get on?
  • How do I finance a complex website in phases/stages?
  • Funding for my project/cause?
  • Comparison of crowdfunding platforms?
  • What funding resources are available for my project/cause?
  • New and inventive ways to fundraise for what you're passionate about

Online Data Organization

  • How do you determine what outlet to use for different types of content?
  • How are organizations using web analytics?
  • How can we integrate silos of information across different departments and functions into a single system deeply and easily?
  • Alternatives to cloud based storage?

Fundraising Technology

  • How do you do online strategic grassroots fundraising?
  • How can I start a crowd funding campaign?
  • Whats the best tool for a crowdfunding campaign?
  • How can youth media organizations gain money and financial support? Long term? Small, isolated community
  • How much should we invest into media equipment/software? why?
  • How can nonprofits engage more staff & members in content strategy? (websites, social media, emails, etc.)
  • How can my organization pay for tech/website help when we have trouble paying our rent?
  • Is there a way for prospective grantees to apply for grants online and they still get a copy of their submitted grant and you get an easy to read format for your grant review board? (which also reads paper application)


  • Tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your outreach
  • Social enterprises will innovate how we create social justice movements
  • What are the ongoing needs of activiists and nonprofits?
  • How does your organization measure their success of your goal or mission? (i.e. are we helping the homeless?)


  • What can the federal government do to support nonprofits or remove barriers to success?
  • How can an organization in a small, isolated community gain support from other areas?
  • How can we improve communication and sharing of information between governement and community organizations?
  • How should/can large technology companies help nonprofits?
  • How govt & community organizations can work better together?


  • What digital tools are available to “hyperlocalize” large data sets?
  • What digital tools are best for policy advocacy at the local level?
  • How do you determine what is worth keeping and when cleaning up your documents/files?
  • Make time and sense of analytics (google & social media) and knowing what to do with it?
  • What are best practices for “migrating” data bases?
  • How do you move from a local constituent database to a cloud based CRM? budget? considerations? pros/cons?
  • Where can I get support for using ACCESS in my org?


  • How to democratize technoloyg creation?
  • What's a good online collaboration platform should I use for multi-lingual, statewide, grassroots coalition?
  • How can my dissertation on climate change policy and environmental advocacy in CA be useful to activists?
  • What are the ways to measure engagement in our network?
  • How can my San Juaquin Valley environmental-justice news feed & archive be more useful to EJ organizations/advocates?
  • Best way to work together virtually – tools, etc?
  • How to connect local & global perspectives?
  • What are the best ways to keep our events attendees engaged after events?
  • How to get such energy flowing in an online conference?
  • Alternatives to nonprofit as an organizational structure
  • How to bring marginalized communities into mainstream? e.g. deaf-blind cognitively challenged

Social Media

  • How do I justify to my boss the importance of social media?
  • How can we use social networks to push social justice media campaigns?
  • How much time should we invest in social media with purpose of courting partners?
  • How much time should I dedicate to social media?
  • How do you expand more on social media & make it more collaborative between partners, and sponsors, etc?
  • When multiple people are in charge of your social media accounts, how can you be sure they are all on the same message? branding?
  • How important is twitter?
  • How to publish with exceptions so I don't have to create separate social accounts
  • How do we moderate social media & negative feedback/messages?
  • How to manage social media and still do all the other work?
  • How can organizations help youth with literacy & democracy while using social media?
  • How do we effectively use social media without wasting time?
  • How to incorporate social media effectively in an organization?
  • How to maximize your social media work for on the ground effect?
  • How do you get your staff invested in using social media?
  • How to effectively use social media to reach out to youth?
  • Finding efficient ways for updating social media.

Listening Dashboards

  • What's the best way to track issues that I'm interested in online now that Netvibes doesn't work as well with Googles RSS alerts?
  • What technology will make e-newsletters more user-friendly & efficient?
  • How do you get posted in the iTunes store?
  • How do we make sure our digital strategies are conducive to serving our communities?
  • How can we embrace new tech without jeopardizing jobs?

Software & Tech Support

  • How can we get reliable & affordable tech support?
  • I want to share about and & how to get in-kind donations
  • What frustrates you (nonprofits) about your techies/ your tech support?


  • What are strategies for organizing volunteers?
  • How do we make using volunteers meaningful & effective?
  • What is the best way to manage and maintain volunteer support?
  • How can I effectively create & manage an unpaid internship program to increase staff resources?
  • Can techhelp recruit, track and run efficiently?
  • How can I find reliable volunteers to do tech work?
  • What's the best way to get tech volunteers?

Web Hosting & ISPs

  • What are the best free website hosting?
  • Ideal Service Providers? What are ISPS? Internet Service Providers...

Online Tools

  • How to create an online tutorial for basic computer learners? $0 budget?
  • What are tools that we can use to talk between board members or volunteers using technology?
  • How do you effectively use search engines for nonprofit resources?

Web Development

  • What are the best practices for custom coding that are least likely to break a wordpress updates all the time?
  • How do I supervise/hire a coder to do the wordpress updates well.

Bilingual Sites

  • What are best-practices in building bilingual websites?


  • I've got a wordpress site... what do I do next?
  • What's possible to do for free, in terms of making a website? (free like beer or puppies?)
  • Where do you find a starter kit for social media & website mgmt?

User-friendly & accessible websites

  • What are best-practices for creating user-friendly websites?
  • How do you change a flash website into a useable website?
  • How to get started on your web project and how to develop a budget for it?


  • How can I make my blog a general resource for nonprofits?
  • What type of info would you want from a nonprofit centered blog?

Content Management

  • Should we use a wordpress site or have someone build something just for us?
  • What website platform is easiest to keep up for a small nonprofit?
  • What are the best content management systems for nonprofits?


  • How do we use data to effectively communicate our message and reach our target audience?
  • I have a lot of compiled data. How do I present it visually on a map and or an analysis platform?
  • How do I promote activism through ant?
  • What are best practices to capture/document institutional memory? (log-ins, passwords, etc.)
  • How do groups communicate graphically across platforms?
  • How to utilize video storytelling more effectively?
  • Storytelling best practices in the digital age?
  • How do I craft an online presence that stands our and draws people to my event/performance?