7 Steps of website development

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Why are you here? Tanya - rebuilding an old drupal site from scratch / How to make our site more interactive on a daily basis - we're not a portal, its just our information

Sarah - the design process

Chad - learn & use a "process"

General planning

  • Q&A - strategic questions, answer & brainstorm, target audience,
  • Site compairson
  • Project plan

Building a site


Target audience what do we want them to do

People focus on the wrong thing sometimes - news / articles not about - focus site / content on organizations primary focus e.g. fellowship buried on a mailing list - what does it do well, what does it do best, what do you want to differentiate, what do you want to highlight

Use analytics to help inform this slightly

Wireframe - 3 days

Uses Adobe Fire.... for make mockups

Does all the areas of the site - helps with accountability, and getting buy in from all stakeholders,

Alan waits on the home page to the very end, so you can see what the organization works on.

Visual Identity

  • Had a logo
  • No branding
  • But logo had a color scheme

inspiration for the components
trial and error
"best navigation" google

theme forest, creative market

basic structure to each site

Design - week and half


code it up, firebug, use standard templates, find one that meets your basic wireframe


get everybody testing and try to break the site


thats when you can train users, staff etc.

Other thoughts

  • Can do wireframing in-house? Maybe
  • Pay for content / sitemap stage? Alan: Pay for the discovery process,

then refund if you use us for the rest