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What is Pop Ed:

  • Based on Pedagogy of the Oppressed
  • All about accessibility (get creative: memes, zines, etc.)
  • Classroom structures are built to give teachers all of the power
  • Language is used against those whose native language is not English (jargon, idioms, power structures, etc.)
  • Adults often talk down to youth in typical learning structures
  • Bringing information to people who wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise
  • Skillshares
  • Telling the real stories of people directly affected
  • So much is happening in our communities and decision makers count on residents not knowing about it
  • Talk about stigma and shame and the way it dehumanizes
  • Jay Smooth workshops on YouTube!! (Excellent and accessible workshops)
  • Vox

Top needs:

  • Language inclusivity
  • Changing internal community perceptions
  • Mentorship/skill sharing
  • Knowing the history of your communities
  • Integrating tech into work
  • Age inclusive spaces
  • Focusing on individual realities and not just national statistics
  • Building safety and trust
  • Podcasts

What people are already doing:

  • Change perspectives of and on youth
  • “Weigh Ins” -- getting youth voices and faces out there
    • Canva! (Skillshare with Kody)
  • Mentorship/skill sharing
  • Bringing tech to youth
  • Video making
  • Journalism and multimedia skill building
  • Recruiting
  • Blogs
  • Peer to peer workshops
  • “Quick” video editing app