Nonprofit Online Communications 101: Four Processes for Online Advocacy

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Who was there?

  • Colin - Sustainable cmte, Coalition on Region Equity, Capitol Cary Duerte Walk Sac
  • Adam Ward, Mid-City CAN
  • David Gaines, center multicultural cooperation - Getting info, new format for Newsletter
  • Mackenzie Williams, Del Norte, Red Wood Voice managing editor - getting word out about our program locally statewide, nationwide, website and Facebook page
  • Alberto Mercado, Asian Resources, seven steps of communication plan analyzing matrix, youth media team
  • David Dexter, statewide California Pan Ethnic Health Network - evaluation and click-through rates, 14-15 percent open rate for emails is good

  • Aspiration Request for Proposal tool for Website
  • Aspiration smaller reach on Facebook v. Twitter but more interaction

Four processes online communication

  • Audience
  • Frequency
  • Publishing matrix spreadsheet to recycle content
  • Message calendar
  • Build story up to move people
  • Analytics
  • How use at Aspiration
  • Tracking document send out to all staff every week
  • Events drive website at Aspiration
  • First of year
  • Oct. Nov. Dev. Summit
  • Alberto seven step communication plan
  • For example, Mon. look at what partners are doing