Introverted leadership

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Understanding introversion allowed improving professional self and learning to manage/maximize energy

How to translate mind → words, communicate effectively and be able to switch to group interactions

What do you think introversion is?

Solitude approach, in a work sense more of a back and forth than a ‘together’ process

Self sufficiency

Official definition relates it to energy

Extrovert: charged by social interaction, drained by solitude

Introvert: charged by solitude, drained by social interaction


“saturation”: the feeling when you reach the point in a group interaction setting that you need to take some alone time

image to explain:

introvert is a bike riding up a hill → you may get tired eventually and need to take a break, but you see the trip in more detail

extrovert is a car driving up the hill → it’s fast and effortless, but may not see as much of the hill while traveling

some generalized introvert skills/traits: like content, good at connecting the dots, deep talks → are useful in helping relationships stick and ideas grow,

slower processing (a lag with a payoff)

part of owning your leadership is knowing who you are and your strengths

as an introvert in organizing, you have to choose a leadership role if you want one and own it

networking as an introvert – how do you manage the quick connections when your connection style may need more time than you have? It can be hard to feel like

you’re making a meaningful connection/you feel at a loss for quick topics of conversation


Think about connecting as a human being, not just business

Best practices for using your introversion as a tool?

Check in with your self and energy levels

What tradeoffs are you willing to make?

Rejecting bias against introverts – recognize the value of your working style

Facilitating as an introvert

Need to synthesize ideas – already a skill that you possess

Get to know people more prior to the facilitation (individual greetings before the meeting/workshop starts, etc), build the connections that make it easier to work with a group

Susain Cain – author of Quiet, also TED talks on introversion