Info-graphics; Visualizing Information

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Facilitators: Ruth & william General Notes

First step is concept (coming up with the idea). Sometime keeping data minimal offers a cleaner and nicer look.

Data is incredibly important to the infographic.

White space and color palette is important.

Spacing is hugely important!!! It’s good to figure out roughly how you want things to look Steps:

story/ call to action/ who is the audience/ where is it going to seen?

Data is incredibly important to the infographic.

Sketch sketch sketch !!!!!!

It’s really good to talk things out and work through a first draft of an infographic.

Even though they have simplified the funding system, it doesn’t mean that people get it.

Is there some type of way to tie it into some type of school-based research project based on the 8 priority outcomes to see what is most important for each school

show how money is going to be spent or. how the people it will affect want it to be spent

Tool Kit