How we utilize technology and digital storytelling in our largely farmworker, rural community Fresno 2018

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When was a time that you felt the power of storytelling?

Eastern Coachella Valley

  • Rural and unincorporated communities
  • Advocates are missing
  • But culture is full
  • Multimedia doesn't work when there is no access to internet and little to no infrastructure
    • Print issues
      • Low tech
  • Community 1st content creation


  • Not going to wait for someone to come and help us out
  • Powerful platform for community
  • Strategies: (news) handouts and word of mouth
    • Build relationships
    • Approach with a listening mentality
    • Handle the story with care
    • Story is not yours even though you're writing it
    • Use connections and relationships to find leads
    • Bring the story back to the person
  • We should be the ones telling our own stories


  1. No wifi or lights
  • Completely portable operations
  1. Approach people with respect
  2. Make personal connections to build trust


  • Make generational connections
  • Art galleries