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Funding Technology: Gunner

Themes – fundraising, revenue generation, paying for technology

  • Poor economic decisions based on high need in low income communities
  • Nonprofits make poor tech decisions best on their need
    • Free dropbox, etc. These free tech tools place our data under their control.
  • Paying for tech is not about tech is about data. It is your digital power
  • Paying for tech should be based on the value and safety and power of your data.
  • We’re being taught tech in superficial terms vs data.
  • Smart phones are being used to surveille us
  • Social Justice workers are seen as terrorists
  • They want us to take the free stuff so they can hack data
  • We are headed to digital martial law (already happening in China)
  • Supporter lists are on google sheets, etc. they can just freeze and close our accounts
  • It’s about “they” (government, corporations) they want to take our data
  • They go after “Muslim” and “Black Lives Matter” (Black Identity Extremists, so called)
  • Retaining control of your data
  • Social Media – IG, implications, lots of nonprofits think that social media will help, per Aspiration it’s important to reach your people
  • Aspiration doesn’t put any data down on Facebook- you should not use FB to organize undocumented people
  • Data minimization – what you do and don’t ask
  • Data Gaps – Grindr allows people to indicate if their HIV+ , this is a big problem – permanent database, Grindr is monetizing that data.
  • Google Drive info stays there forever – even if you delete it
  • If your adversary is not the government – google is a more secure option
  • However government can access anytime via your google addy. Google pushes it out to an intermediary server that the government can access.
  • Use the minimum viable amount of tech you can possibly use.
  • Learn from your friends – use the tech that your friends use, so you can call on people for assistance
  • Funding tech – tech cost, data cost (it costs money to acquire signatures, doing research, staff time)
  • Aspiration runs on Linux system
  • Realize the risk of everyone using the same tech
  • Open Source technology, software – with Cloud this changed everything,
  • Electric alternative to gmail (activist hosting – would they fight if the Feds come for your data)
  • Riseup.Net - to join their coop you have to be willing to go to jail and stand up to the feds
  • Spread out internationally, to spread info around beyond a particular jurisdiction
  • FISA warrants – they can get the data without notifying anyone, however Riseup has a warrant canary b/c they can’t tell individuals that their info was breached
  • Government asks google for data 10,000 x’s per year
  • Social graph, refers to who you’re connected to is a finger print more precise than your actual finger print – guilt by association (being used as circumstantial evidence)
  • Block Chain is the new “e” – Block chain undermines real community connection, also not environmentally sustainability currently using more power than the country of Ireland.
  • Nonprofits exist to mitigate the negative externalities of the capitalist system – startup culture presumes that privilege is something you can buy.
  • Apple – is exploiting the concept of privacy – at least we understand privacy is something that matters, google says “just trust us”
  • Nonprofit work is a cost center
  • -hardware recycling, can turn donating hardware into money
  • Pay for tech – learn to tell a new story
  • Bury the tech in your grant narrative applications
  • Aspiration can help you write grants etc.
  • Funding is a fashion show – everyone is into “AI”
  • Aspiration model – tech folks billing at market rates for large orgs ($150+/hour), to subsidize pro bono work for nonprofits that can’t pay for tech
  • Funding – invert power dynamic, critique the funder, and use the notes in your pitch back out at them
  • Talk to a funder like they work for you! I want to understand how you can help us.
  • Talk to them like a partner
  • Ask them a question they can’t answer, but in a sincere way.
  • Don’t act like you “need” it
  • Crowdfunding – overhyped, but worth trying because the costs are low.