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Mid City CAN – Mayoria Debate Case Study

San Diego Mayoral debate. Bob Filner resigned after scandal. New election needed for new mayor. When down to 2 candidates, Mid-City CAN got involved. MCC youth council secured one candidate, but the other candidate couldn't agree. Orgs had to submit application to host debate. Debate was right before the holidays.

MCC wanted to host to elevate their issues with politicians.

Partnered with news station in SD (SD6) & Cesar Chavez Social Service Club.

  • Right away had to come up with hashtag for debate

Wanted to call it “City Heights Debate” SD6 wanted to host at studio, but not any room for audience.

  • Used eventbrite to get people to register to attend.
  • TV Station agreed to have the debate at Hoover HS in City Heights, despite increased cost to them.
  • Had to make sure 350 seats packed (used eventbrite)
  • Half seats reserved in a couple days just from word of mouth
  • Put #cityheightsdebate on all marketing materials
  • Took pictures of residents as countdown to debate on Facebook
    • “3 days til debate, have you registered?” etc.
  • Youth council volunteers did registration table
  • Had a dot map where attendees could place a dot where they live
  • Asked how people heard about event with icons
    • so people who don't speak english could participate
  • invited all media contacts & got a lot of attention
  • even got a Tijuana station to show up (international news!)
  • twitter was one of the top referrers
  • debate filmed Saturday but shown on SD6 on Sunday
  • Youtube interviews to promote airing of debate
  • also created program for debate so it had sense of permanence with logo all over it