A conversation about online content sharing with Creative Commons Fresno 2018

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Start with an icebreaker -- have everyone go around, say their name, where they are from, and to share a memorable response to something they shared on the Internet.

  • x - santa cruz - /santa ana - everett: twitter - part of research project at ucsc that helped document lives of min wage workers in sc county, wattsville, had a community event that showcased that research in SC, posted i was there, and got a reply from the divisoin from the socials ciences division that said i was proud of their work
  • x - work with kids - ⅘ months.. Birdworks, stickers.. Stickers.. Instagram
  • x - anaheim - facebook live show every monday - had a guy named nowy… close to 20 years exposing neo nazis, minute men, white supremacists, alt right.. How they are how they act… confronting them. 66 shares, 4,000 ppl reached, 1,000 views..

Sharing Motivations

  • Tell us about a time you shared a work of yours online, or used someone else’s work from the Internet. What was it? Why did you share it or what did you do with the work you found?
    • x - vegan - dont want to be pushy… post photos of vegan food.. To fruther your mission.. Instagram, facebook, sometimes twitter
      • Community of other vegans…
      • Push agenda/the cause
    • x - tumblr when i was younger - post dif blog entries… personal life… thoguths, ideas, poetry.. Journal entry like.. Practicing voice as a writer.. Dif insights.. Comedy stuff… test audience
      • Enjoyed ability for it to be seen by anyone and by no one.. Didnt care about developing a following..
      • Outlet..
    • x - hip hop group, music, memes… of my least fav.. Ascap… spreding consciousness..
      • Edutainment.. Make people hungry and think
      • Facebook, youtube, instagram.. Itunes… soundcloud…
      • Memes - for fun… spread consciousness around election season
  • Why do you share your work in the ways you currently do? What inspires you to create new works?
    • x - will smith , instagram/youtube.. Son jaden what he went through… turned it around so every reaction to the song.. Is better
      • I’m a icon… he’s telling you if you’re singing it… inspired by..
      • Comeback -- comeback story.. Redemption.. Positive..
      • Direct line to them..
      • Table talk - jada.. No middleman..
    • x - huge consumer of youtube content for 10 years… main form of entertainment/education.
      • Big wave of lgbtq content… educational, youtubers that produce this ***info… uppercasechase - talks about his transition from female to male.. Transgender issues.. Review of transgender products… sex toys/tools… destigmatizing alot of these things.. How youtube is demonetizing transgender content
      • tedEd - cartoons.. Animated stuff..
      • Shane dawson… comedy, blogger type… appealed to me when i was younger.. When i was posting on tumblr.. Quality went down… grew out of it… recent change in his content...series… personality…
    • x - john oliver, jim jeffries, colbert.. Bill mahr… political satires… enjoy and need
      • Therapeutic
      • Make life pallatable..
      • School of life -- philosophers, artists… economists.. Why polygamy doesnt work for everybody, why its ok to be lonely.. Self help stuff..


  • Why do you use online content? What do you hope to achieve?
    • Education
    • Inspiration
    • Entertainment
    • Would rather create my own stuff
      • memes.. Cross that bridge.. Deal with the mountain when you come to it… mountain in french alps
    • Starting dialogue.. Youtubers who are vloggers will post a video on a specific topic… what its like being me… starting a dialogue… i respond with my own video, quote them, include that video, clips…
    • Share links if i like something
    • Consuming info to structure show… research.. Take premise/angle… borrow from it..
    • Raps -- just took random stuff online… vs buying… first started off..
      • Joyner lucas… he flips the songs..
      • Itunes… was really strict…
    • Hit record community -- tenets -- post projects… we’re going to do this about what its like to be a kid.. And creators cocreate the projects… everything is in the domain.
      • Partnering with third party corporations is contrary to what the purpose of the community was..
      • Joined it… said i would use this as my creative outlet.. Still enjoying what they produce…
      • See definitely those who do hit record work fulltime bc you cna get paid for it… main leaders on projects..
      • Videos, song.. Every project is a little different
      • Like idea that you can do contests… can take something else.. Interdisciplinary..
      • Basically a forum… navigate to projects…
  • What is stopping you from achieving those things?

Sharing landscape

  • How do you usually access the Internet? E.g. laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet
  • Where do you spend most of your time online? What do you like about these platforms or sites?

CC sharing experience

  • Tell us about the a time you used a CC-licensed work or shared your own work under CC. What was the context? Why were you using CC in this context?
  • Do you still use or share CC content? Why or why not?
  • What works well when you use CC? What do you wished worked better?
  • Imagine you could wave a magic wand and create the perfect sharing experience. What does that look like?
  • Like cc bc

How about no one monetize this How about everyone have access

  • Tech literacy
  • Media literacy
  • No one ever taught me how to use the internet
  • Skill to navigate and understand this article is bullshit and here’s why… bc X…
  • General understanding of the quality of content you’re consuming..
  • Finding what actually works for you… what feature works for you
  • Chinese model… community alerts you…
  • Models to emulate
    • Chinese model… ? allows you to live and show your content
    • Wechat
    • Direct human to human connection, word of mouth, community based..
    • Patreon… pay content creators directly..

Magic wand

  • Control of my content… who sees it.. When..
  • Facebook would stop deciding who sees my content… get rid of the algorithm
  • Reducing clickbait and need for it… sensationalized stuff.. On both ends of the spectrum…
  • Neutral, verifiable content.. High quality… credible…
  • Diversification in what i’m seeing… what’s trending..
  • Faster internet… we rank pretty low considering we’re america
  • Wish it didnt take so much data to share data.. Make it more available to more people.. Being able to say more with less
  • Texting is cool.. Signal.. Encryptedness of it…


  • Who do you know that we should talk to?
  • Do you have any final thoughts, or questions for us?