Logical Horse Racing Bets and Handicapping Hints With the Favourite

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As what works at the races, angles and strategies, isn't constantly a logical choice, there are some things which you can do and wagers you can make that are very logical. Here are a number of recommendations. First of all, it is logical to wager the preferred in a race, yet not necessarily to win. The favorites do win more races than any other wagering options. If you key on the favorite in every race your key horse will win about a 3rd of the time and finish in the exacta about half the time while being in the money about three quarters of the time.

Play that one with the suitable horses in exotics and you may eke out a profit. The key to it all, obviously, is which horse to put with the favorite so as to make a profit? As identifying the favourite, or chalk, is effortless - it is the horse with the lowest odds, discovering the horse or horses to play with that one to round out your bet is the tricky part.

Here are a couple of handicapping suggestions that will necessitate a trifle work to find them, yet will even pay well sufficient in exotics to supply you with some chance to make an income. Firstly, playing the preferred and 2nd favourite in an exacta could definitely hit a lot of winning tickets, yet because they are typically the crowd's 1st choice, and consequently the lowest spending exacta, they just do not typically make a profit in the long run. So let's throw the 2nd favorite out of our combinations.

When keying the favorite on best I advise which you go deep sufficient in the betting choices to make it pay at least 5-1. Thus, view what the exacta with the preferred over the 3rd preferred is spending and only play if the exacta pays at least 5-1. That means at least a $12 payoff with the chalk on leading (for more horse racing fixtures ).

Statistically the chalk wins more than it places. If it wins about 33% of the time yet is just in the exacta about 50% of the time, well, you do the math. It does not appear that the chalk is a really good bet in the bottom of the exacta so why not throw it out? If it wins you wish it over a horse at a little of a cost and as it isn't much of a area proposition simply because it will still be wager down, throw it out once you've used it on best.

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